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Anti-Valentine’s week kicks off with Slap Day – a day to slap some sense into doey-eyed lovebirds. Here's a selection of silly Slap Day memes to celebrate.

Get anti-Valentine’s Day week started with these Slap Day memes

Valentine’s Day has come & gone, and the dreaded wave of social media PDA has finally died down. In retaliation of the cringy Hallmark holiday, we’re celebrating anti-Valentine’s week – a week encouraging struggling couples to call it quits. After all, not everyone is meant to be together. 

Anti-Valentine’s week kicks off with Slap Day – a day for us to slap some sense into those doey-eyed lovebirds who need a reality check. Starting on February 15th, Slap Day is the perfect intro to a week filled with fun anti-Valentine’s Day themes. See the following image for a guide to the rest of the week.  

Note: we are not actually encouraging you to slap anyone today or ever. Violence is not the answer, but that doesn’t mean we can’t laugh at the comical spirit of slapping. No one is safe from a metaphorical slap!

That being said, we hope you enjoy this selection of silly Slap Day memes, and don’t forget to send them to those who really need a good slap in the face. Everyone deserves a taste of slap-stick humor now & again. 

Surprise slap

Imagine the look on someone’s face if this was your response to a foreboding statement such as “expect the unexpected”. 

Double trouble

It’s a good thing we all have two hands. Two-faced people will just have to take two slaps – a double-whammy!

Release the rage

We all need an outlet for our frustrations. Unleashing a slap may just give you the peace you need

Slap Day for all

Slap Day isn’t just targeting those playing the love game – the day is meant for everyone! Prepare for slaps from everyone for anything. 

Batman knows

If Batman is celebrating Slap Day, we all should be on board. We’re ready Batman – lay it on us!

Hey there Slap Day 😉

Slap Day is quite the head-turner. Literally. Time to cheat on Valentine’s Day

Roll up your sleeves

Do lots of people make it to your slap-list? Better get started!

Join the bachelor’s club

We miss you over here in the Lonely Hearts Club Band. 

Ready to smack

Is Slap Day the day you’ve been waiting for?

Friendly slap

Sometimes you just gotta be a little unhinged. Today is the day to give your friends a good slap.

Are you celebrating anti-Valentine’s Day week? Let us know in the comments! 

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