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Are you craving a good laugh? Do you have a sexual sense of humor? Take a look at the world's most hilarious sex jokes for your flirty eyes only!

Laugh your way into bed with these hilarious sex jokes

Memes about basically everything are all over the internet –  including sex. These memes aren’t meant to get you in the mood, but they’re a good way to laugh about the spicy topic. Get ready to go red in the cheeks after these hilarious, raunchy memes, and be careful about which friends you share them with.

Just add water

Not everything is always what it seems.

Home improvement

There are multiple ways to get down & dirty, including doing renovations on a house.

Gadgets & gizmos aplenty

We all want to be Ariel right now.

Job interview

She’s probably an accountant.

Movie night

Well, that would be a different way to take part in Netflix & chill.

Is it hot?

These questions are all important to consider.

Who taught you that?

Discovering that you’re an expert before you knew it is always a proud feeling.

Wait a minute

We don’t think that’s quite how such an activity works.

A kind gesture

Because everyone should have someone to put a pillow between you and the headboard.

Safety first

That’s one zesty way to communicate that you’re home safe.

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