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Sex is sex, but it can also be hilarious? Laugh until you can't anymore with these amazingly funny sex memes.

This never happens! Laugh at these funny sex memes

Sex, as normal as it is, can be a very controversial subject. Some people have too much of it, while others don’t have enough. It is a part of human life that for whatever reason makes many uncomfortable to discuss, even if they’re avid believers in its utility.  luckily, there’s plenty of funny sex memes on Twitter that do the awkward speaking for us, leaving us rolling in laughter regarding a topic that’s all about making whoopee. 

From cartoons to movie scenes to flat-out impressive & relatable jokes, these following funny sex memes perfectly capture the hypocrisy of this physical act. Care to delve into some of the funnier sex memes we found on Twitter? Come join us, but feel free to pull out at any time. 


Sexy foreplay 

Funny sex memes first require some sexy appetizers. Besides, who doesn’t love carbs? 


The unsung hero

Everybody has their kinks, right? 


The Snyder Cut goes deeper than we thought 

Movies can bring out the best emotions in us, leaving us wanting seconds the moment it’s over. 


We’re having dirty thoughts 

Yeah . . . My Big Fat Greek Wedding is not quite on our dirty little minds. Thanks, funny sex memes!! 


Not a sex position

. . . But it always leads to one. 


Virgin territory

Do you mean that sex isn’t just a concept on the internet?  


A Squid’s got to get his nut

But is that nut from Sandy Cheeks? 


We lol’d 

Some of these funny sex memes are really getting us. 


Gotta get it in where you can

Uhh . . . Principal’s office?


OnlyFans has upset a lot of people these past few weeks

Including our favorite Housewives and furry friends!!  

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