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Beanie Feldstein will play Fanny Brice in the revival of 'Funny Girl'. Twitter is, of course, ready to crack jokes about Lea Michele didn't get the role.

Not so ‘Funny Girl’: What’s Twitter’s reaction to Lea Michele’s fail?

Schadenfreude. For those of you who never listened to the soundtrack to Avenue Q, this word is German for a “pleasure derived by someone for another person’s misfortune”. Everyone gets that feeling from time-to-time. It’s a normal part of life. Now, the Internet is feeling this way because, well, Lea Michele (Glee) will not be Fanny Brice in the Broadway revival of Funny Girl.

Listen, listen, Glee was a six season long audition for Michele to be Fanny Brice. It was a freaking plot point of the show that Rachel “The Worst Character on That Show Don’t @ Us” Berry got the role. This? This is amazing. The Internet is loving this. Good for you, Beanie Feldstein. We hope that you kill it, get a Tony for the performance, do a remake movie, and get an Oscar for that.

Let’s look at the tweets! 


Insert Tyra Banks America’s Next Top Model pause

You are NOT going to be Fanny Brice.


Actual footage! 

For a moment, we’re all certain that the spirit of Sue Sylvester overcame her.


Did anyone else hear that glass break? 

She sure did.


More actual footage

Keep these jokes coming.


Memes, memes everywhere! 

Gosh, look at all these memes.


Gay twitter on the case! 

A+, gay twitter. We know. We lived through Glee. We all know what’s happening.


Oh boy

Is she okay? 


That poor person

Someone should probably send the agent a gift basket.


*sips tea*

It’s a good day. We hope that the people that Michele bullied on the set of Glee are enjoying this well.


Someone actually said it! 


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