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Disney Plus isn’t always perfect. Were you left asking “is Disney plus down?” Here are all the memes after the tragic event.

“Is Disney Plus down?”: All the best memes on Marvel fans crashing the site

Disney Plus isn’t always perfect. Everything has its flaws. While Marvel fans were waiting patiently for a new episode of WandaVision – tragedy struck. That’s right, Disney Plus was down. The crazy fans in the MCU broke the streaming platform by being super impatient. (That’s a relatable superhero.) 

Luckily for us, Marvel fans have the best sense of humor. Were you left asking “is Disney plus down?” Here are all the memes after the tragic event.

The pain is real

WandaVision is our only escape in this crazy world. The fact Disney Plus was down made all Marvel fans panic!

When in doubt, go to Twitter

It’s good to know there are other people suffering the same and the only way to find out is on social media. “Is Disney Plus down?” Apparently yes, for everyone!


Wanda has nothing on us when we realize Disney Plus is down. We will march up to HQ and demand that new episode of WandaVision.

You had a bad day

The only way our day is made better is when Disney Plus releases a new episode of WandaVision. Unfortunately, we were unable to enjoy it because the streaming platform had other ideas!

Let us in!

We want to see WandaVision and we want to see it now! Make it work Disney Plus . . . please. 

Furious Captain America

Even Captain America is fed up with waiting for Disney Plus to be fixed. We don’t want to see any spoilers!

Past your bedtime

Staying up to watch the latest episode of WandaVision was a mistake. They had to wait even longer to see a glimpse of the Scarlet Witch.

Hello, is anybody there?

We’re ready for another WandaVision episode – let’s go on Disney Plus! Wait, where is everyone? Where’s our new episode? 

Disney . . . Plus . . . is . . . DOWN?!

We can’t cope. It’s bad enough we’ve stayed up late, but now we can’t watch WandaVision after that killer cliffhanger? The suspense is real.

Mood = Wanda Maximoff

Wanda’s temper has always been a mood especially when Disney Plus is down. Excuse us while we go watch that episode . . . .

Did you suffer after Disney Plus went down? What did you think of the latest WandaVision episode? Let us know in the comments.

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