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Episode seven of 'WandaVision' brought the most iconic theme song of the series yet. Here's all the best reactions to the thirty second song.

‘WandaVision’: The best memes about this week’s unique theme song

What a witch!

Okay, sure we have an idea that Kathryn Hahn’s Agnes in WandaVision was actually Agatha Harkness, but we didn’t know. That is, until episode 7, “Breaking the Fourth Wall”, when we finally got the truth about the friendly woman next door. 

Even if we all saw this twist coming, no one was expecting the catchiest theme song in WandaVision to be a showcase of Agatha being evil. As dark as it is, we’re not getting Agatha singing “And I killed Sparky too!” out of our heads anytime soon. Here’s the best memes about the most iconic moment in WandaVision so far.

Not the dog!

Seriously, kidnap the twins, create a fake version of her dead brother, that’s fine. Kill the innocent dog? Now you’ve taken it way too far Agatha! 

The absolute audacity

We can’t believe our cracked fan theory was right for once. Now if Mephisto shows up, we’re 100% going to lose it. 

Villains have the best songs

“Mother Knows Best”, “Toxic Love”, “Be Prepared”, and now “Agatha All Along”. Disney knows how to honor the evil kings & queens we love. 

Is it Friday yet?

Come on Marvel, show us Agatha’s full costume. We need to see Kathryn Hahn in her full witchy lewk. 

Jennifer Barkley = Agatha Harkness without magic

Seriously, if you’ve seen Kathryn Hahn in Parks and Rec, you get us and this makes perfect sense to you. 

Witching good time

Now that we can actually see her use her powers, the next two episodes of WandaVision are about to be straight fire. 

The new “Did I do that?”

Seriously, we already know this is going to be turned into a meme. Her reaction is just too iconic not to. 

She didn’t have to go that hard

Again, it’s literally 30 seconds, but “It was Agatha all along!” will be living in our brains rent-free until the end of time. 

Expert in gaslighting

With the way she’s been gaslighting Wanda since the beginning, we’re going to assume she’ll trick us into thinking we, the audience, killed Sparky. 

A lot less funny

First she kills a dog, then she bites a kid, what’s next? Stealing the Mind Stone from Vision’s head again

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