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Curious about why #DeleteFacebook was trending? Here's the reason about why people are saying they're going to delete their page.

Why can’t we delete our pages? Join the #DeleteFacebook campaign

Some people are having more & more issues with all their social media. It’s why you hear people deleting their Facebook pages or Twitter accounts all the time. To many, it’s just taking off the shackles of the technology that leaves us changed to The Man, you know? But while nothing lasts forever, the Internet sure loves to give it a try. But, well, even your Facebook pages can be reactivated after deletion.

So that means that Facebook is holding your data, even when you’re done with it. Which is, okay, mildly terrifying. But so is half of the stuff online these days. It’s all one big terror sauce and we’re the meat that it’s drowning in. Luckily, however, there’s the #DeleteFacebook hashtag on Twitter for any necessary frustrations to vent out and things to share. (Or get super political because of Trump for some reason. Ugh.)

Here’s what they have to say.


Solid sentiment

To be fair, humans have been finding stuff to distract themselves with for millennia before the phone. The sentiment is nice though.


Where’s the compassion? 

It does seem that in our digital age that we’ve forgotten things like empathy.



It’s because we like to make you sweat, Mark Zuckerberg.


Uhh . . . 

Wasn’t Tom a pedo? Or was that just a rumor? 



So basically #DeleteFacebook was trending because another one of Trump’s fake accounts got suspended on Twitter and, like, Facebook got brought into things? 



You keep your Facebook page for petty reasons.


Can you hear it? 

You can hear it across the land.



That’s basically what happened.



Despite all the politicizing, reminder that Zuckerberg is a creep.


Do you want it gone? REALLY? 

Finally if you really, really want to delete the page. We have a guide for you to cut the Facebook cord forever.

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