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Cheaters are the absolute worst! Shame the cheaters in your life with the memes attacking...pretty much everything about them being lying liars who lie.

Shame the cheaters in your life with these hilarious memes

What’s that old adage? Cheaters never win? Well, cheaters certainly may think that they’re winning when they hop on the Infidelity Express with their new side piece. But everyone knows that cheaters only deserve to be roasted, especially in meme form, for all to see online. It’s a different form of exposure than say going on Maury to expose them with a polygraph or DNA test.

Think your partner might be having an affair? Learn the most effective, tested way to catch a cheater online without their phone. Find out the signs and get rid of haunting doubts! Either way, cheater memes are the perfect call out.

Use an application how to catch a cheater, they are vague enough to hurt the poster’s ex, and maybe your own cheater in your life. From callouts to roasts to even poking fun at rich people trapped in loveless marriages, these cheater memes have something for everyone. Because assault is illegal, but making memes about the cheater in your life certainly isn’t. 

The Wifi will always give him away

Wifi: the new tool for exposing the cheaters in the world. No one can resist its siren song. Not when they have a data cap on their phone.

When the cheater begs for forgiveness

Being horny…it really isn’t an excuse, boo. Now, get out that door! 

The latest lip color be popping

Such glamour! Such color! A needed red lipstick in everyone who loves lipstick color cabinets. 

Homewreckers be like…

When you learn that you may be the homewrecker (or about to step into homewrecking), maybe take a minute to think about if he’s lying to you about his wife, okay? Just a second.

Oh honey no…

No one’s customer service is that good. Take a beat. Figure it out.

Date someone smarter, girl

Technology has definitely upped a cheater’s game. But if the cheater is stupid as hell, then, really, is it even helping at all? And if he was smart, then he wouldn’t be cheating on you in the first place. 

This is just insulting.

Do cheaters think the person being cheated on is stupid or something? I mean, that’s definitely an excuse. Not a good one either.

The true hero 

Coffee doesn’t hurt you. Coffee is only there for you. Get in a relationship with coffee.

Exes be like…

To paraphrase The Princess Bride, that phrase doesn’t mean what you think it does. 

Cheating couples = the worst

If you both make each other so miserable and cheat on each other, then why are you together? It’s 2021! No one cares if you get a divorce, Karen.

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