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Are zombies the next wave of the coronavirus? Twitter has all the best memes about the CDC's zombie preparedness guide.

Zombie apocalypse incoming? The CDC’s new tips have led to memes

The first reports of the coronavirus started to spread in March of one year ago. With the vaccine now available to many people worldwide, distress about the pandemic is slowly but surely beginning to subside. (Not to say the virus isn’t still a threat to many who have yet to be vaccinated.) 

While we’d love to say tensions are lowering, we can’t help but feel like something worse is about to take over in 2021: the zombie apocalypse. How would politicians and the general public react to that pandemic? (Zombie movie lovers know: it could go many different ways.) 

New searches have found that the CDC actually has posted a “Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse” guide on their website back in 2011. The hilarious page gives a brief history of zombies, a survival kit, and an emergency plan to give everyone guidance should the undead rise up in the next natural disaster.

Thus, of course, the internet is losing it – now a plethora of zombie (or World War Z) memes pouring in on Twitter. Here are some of the best zombie memes to get a chuckle and ease the oncoming dread we all feel during the coronavirus anniversary month: are zombies the next wave?

Please, no

Just when we think we’re through the thick of it, the CDC gives us even more alarming precautions. Haven’t we been through enough?

Train for the end

This is so LARP – we love it. Why not practice sword skills while you exercise? Being able to survive a zombie apocalypse should be the main incentive to get fit – obviously

Come at me!

If the Zombie Apocalypse is on the way, we’re ready to f*%!k ‘em up – with unhinged spunk & style.

Everything is fine.

Why did the CDC have to worry us so? An underlying fear of zombies is already hard enough. Memes are the only way to cope. 

Zombie preference

Which type of zombie apocalypse would be best? We’ve seen so many derivations of the terrifying scenario. Let’s pray it’s not the kind that can run crazy fast. No, thanks.

Checking out early

Hey – we all have our zombie apocalypse strategy. Some just have a more drastic exit strategy. 

Let them come

Knowing America some might be crazy enough to want the end to come for some idiotic reason. 


Uh, yeah. Why are World War Z zombies the ones that are trending? Can’t we be a little more optimistic about our chances fighting them. We’d GTFO.

It’s over before it began

Running is one option. Crying is another. We could see both options playing out. 

Stop this!!

2020 was bad enough! Let’s not encourage anything worse to happen – 2021 is supposed to be better – not worse! 

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