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You gotta take your wins in whatever shape they come, especially after a year like 2020. Here are memes celebrating the end of 'Caillou'.

Goodbye ‘Caillou’: Parents celebrate the cancellation with memes

You gotta take your wins in whatever shape they come, especially after a year like 2020. The long-running – and much-despised – PBS animated kids show, Caillou, was finally put out of its misery after twenty years on the air. The response from parents all over the world? An ecstatic celebration best expressed through Caillou memes.

The future may look uncertain as we start a new year, but it’s reassuring to see humanity joining forces with a common goal, even if that goal is making fun of a really old kids cartoon. Let’s take a look at those Caillou memes!

Happy new year!

Everybody was thinking it, this Twitter user simply put it in a tweet. 2021 is starting on a high note.

Gun control

Caillou’s cancellation trended under the “Politics” category on Twitter. Not sure what Caillou memes are trending under though.

Snoop dance

News of Caillou’s cancellation spread at the same time the Georgia Senate runoffs seemed to have gone to the Democratic candidates. Some people are going to have a double party – and they won’t be wearing red hats.


To be fair, the entire Clifford cast was better-behaved than Caillou on a good day.


Some Caillou’s memes have been trying to channel the animated brat’s entitled energy and they’ve somewhat succeeded.

From the neighborhood

This one’s gotta sting. You know Daniel doesn’t like to take sides.

Demon child

Was Caillou evil? Let’s be honest, after twenty years he pretty much was.


Someone made a “Caillou J Trump” Twitter account. The Caillou memes possibilities have increased exponentially.

Drinking game

Take a drink every time you run across a rejoiced parent celebrating the end of Caillou’s reign of terror in their household. You won’t last an hour.


Some blessed souls had no idea Caillou was still on, which is a Caillou meme of itself.


On the other hand, some people will actually miss Caillou? Surely they jest.


Perhaps the most confounding Caillou memes are the ones that imply there are people on this planet who were not aware of Caillou’s existence.

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