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Brendon Urie & his wife Sarah Urie are officially the new face of all things 2021 & beyond. Find out why with these hilarious memes.

Are Brendon Urie and his wife guilty for every bad thing on Earth?

Announcements were made, nominees were selected, and Brendon Urie & his wife Sarah Urie are officially the new face of all things 2021 & beyond. Twitter has created a new trend depicting Brendon Urie as our newest scapegoat. 

With the year 2020 gone, Panic! At The Disco’s lead singer Brendon Urie has taken the fall for everything bad that has happened in our lives. According to Newsbreak, the “High Hopes” singer didn’t do anything to spark this unwanted Twitter attention, but social media has sure had a blast blaming him for John F. Kennedy’s assassination in 1963 and other unbelievable events. 

Urie utopia

Twitter users have a new meaning of the perfect world, and it all starts with blaming everything on Brendon Urie & his wife Sarah. 

R.I.P Adobe 

If you aren’t panicked already, Brendon Urie & his wife are responsible for the gruesome death of the great Adobe flash drive. I think a thank you is in order.

We were robbed

Nickelodeon’s Victorious fans are targeting Brendon Urie for the cancellation of the hit paparazzi gossip segment Robarazzi starring Robbie Shapiro (Matt Bennett). 

Killer of rock & roll

We don’t know how or why, but it just makes sense. After “A Day in the Life” of rock & roll, Brendon Urie broke up The Beatles. Other Twitter users have also targeted the singer for breaking up another legendary boy band, One Direction. 

Polar bears

Brendon Urie & his wife are hereby charged for the imminent extinction of polar bears. Sorry kids, but we know who did it. 

American dream

With The Great Gatsby’s murderer never found, Twitter has sentenced Brendon Urie to life in prison for killing Jay Gatsby. Not classy dude

Club Penguin

If you remember the thrill of playing Club Penguin, you’ll remember the horror when the online game was shut down. Now Twitter users have Brendon Urie & his wife Sarah to blame. 


When the Oscar-winning actor & star of iconic films like My Left Food & There Will Be Blood announced his retirement, Brendon Urie definitely came to mind. Daniel Day-Lewis is retiring and according to Twitter users, Urie is going down. 

Return of the Sith

Call the Republic and let them know a new team of Sith is to blame for the fall of the Jedi order, Brendon Urie. May the force be with us all. 


Avengers: End Game had us grieving the loss of Tony Stark aka Iron Man after an incredible fight against Thanos. Tony may have saved us all from the wrath of Thanos, but did you know Brendon (“Brandon”) Urie was actually behind it all? 

Brenden Urie & wife Sarah Urie have only kept low profiles since the start of 2021, but thanks to Twitter, we’ll be seeing a lot more of the Panic! At The Disco duo.  

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