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We’ve gathered all of Twitter’s best Bob Ross memes celebrating the man, the myth, the legendary keeper of happy trees: Bob Ross.

Bob Ross remains an icon: All the memes to give you a happy feeling

Bob Ross put instructional painting TV shows on the map (and kinda cornered the market) since he first hit our screens back in 1983 with The Joy of Painting. Ross’s show aired from 1983 for over ten years until 1994, when it seemed the 80s nostalgia god might fade from our focus.

Oh, how wrong we were; Bob Ross didn’t fade from importance in the fast-paced digital age – he rose to even greater heights of fame when he became one of the internet’s most celebrated memes. Bob Ross memes capture the mystic excellence of Bob Ross’s gentle voice, robotic-like painting expertise, and prime catch phrases harkening back back to the time of his simple-natured show.

We’ve gathered all of Twitter’s best Bob Ross memes celebrating the man, the myth, the legendary keeper of happy trees: Bob Ross.

Wholesome Bob Ross

The essence of Bob Ross’s charm is his gentle wholesomeness; Bob Ross lacks any sort of edge, but manages to keep audiences entranced. Our unproblematic king has a wealth of zenspeak he used to tell us weekly on The Joy of Painting, and now we get to be enlightened all over again with Bob Ross memes. 

Bob Ross doesn’t have time to put out negative energy toward others. Haters take note: be like Bob.

What’s more inspiring than the words of Bob Ross, now preserved forever in the form of Bob Ross memes? This is your world; carpe diem, baby!

Crossover Bob Ross memes

Memes beget memes, folks: it’s a tale as old as time. Bob Ross memes are no different, and this meme says it better than any other, as trusty Bob teams up with what seemed like one of the fastest growing memes of all time, overnight success Bernie chair.

BTS stans, rejoice: you have your very own cross-over Bob Ross meme. To BTS heads, there’s something far more beautiful than a Bob Ross landscape.

Gordan Ramsay is no stranger to memeification, and he too gets the Bob Ross treatment in this crossover meme putting together two of TV’s most radically different personalities.

Mick Jagger gets Ross-ified in this playful cut from Twitter’s Bob Ross memes. “Paint it black,” like the song. Get it?

Evil Bob

Bob Ross is so gentle & charming, he seems almost too good to be true, like so many charming sociopaths before him (we’re looking at you, Mr. Bundy). Here’s a Bob Ross meme with an interesting theory about Bob’s famous landscapes.

This meme that’s bordering on deep-fried gets drawn over, but captures what evil Bob Ross might point at you if you don’t do what he says.

Everybody loves Bob

Bob Ross’s influence knows no bounds: everybody loves Bob Ross. This cut from Twitter shows no generation is safe from Bob Ross memes.

We leave you with a meme capturing Bob Ross’s most famous little catchphrase with Bob hugging one of his legendary happy trees. It’s drawn by an aspiring artist, reminding us what people will do to show their love & emulate everyone’s favorite TV painter, Bob Ross.

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