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Addicted to the fancy & lavish lifestyle on 'Bling Empire'? Laugh your way through all these relatable memes about the new reality TV show here.

Addicted to ‘Bling Empire’ on Netflix? Get a laugh at these memes

Netflix’s latest reality show, Bling Empire, offers an addictive cocktail of glamorous parties, wealthy personalities, and, of course, head-spinning drama. For those who still haven’t binge-watched the show, imagine the obscenely rich characters of Crazy Rich Asians hanging out in the sprawling mansions of Los Angeles and getting in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills worthy scandalous dramas. 

And like Netflix’s previous reality shows, Bling Empire has also acquired a massive internet following. Thus, in true internet fashion, we have compiled a bunch of memes & reactions from people who have already devoured the epic first season of Bling Empire.

Fake it till you make it

Excuse us while we attempt to pick out our most expensive peasant PJs to make us feel a tiny bit better while binge-watching the Bling Empire cast’s lavish life unfold

Words to live by

Where has Anna Shay been all our lives? And how come she hasn’t been roped in by the RHOBH yet? The uber-rich Anna Shay has become somewhat of an icon because of her legendary lines.

Can’t relate

Most of the attention on Bling Empire revolves around the lifestyle of the moneyed cast who apparently fly to Paris in their private airbuses to have lunch. We non-billionaire folks can’t relate to the Bling Empire’s level of opulence, and we certainly can’t ignore it either.

Big old red flag

The depiction of Andrew Gray & Kelly Mi Li’s messy relationship – especially Andrew’s volatile antics – is another highlight of the Bling Empire that people can’t stop talking about.

Shirtless Kevin

Everyone on Netflix’s Bling Empire is exorbitantly loaded except for one – Kevin Kreider. Despite being richer than us regular people, Kevin is comparatively down-to-earth yet doesn’t fail to boast his shirtless hot model persona any chance he gets.

Cringy Christine

We’ve honestly lost count of the number of times Christine Chiu, the vapid villain on Bling Empire, namedrops or plugs a high-end brand. 

Main takeaway

We can’t all be billionaires, but at least we can befriend one! And if Bling Empire has taught us anything, it’s that people with billion-dollar bank accounts aren’t necessarily bad people.

Can’t stop watching

All things considered, Bling Empire is a ridiculously entertaining & chaotic reality show that we can’t stop watching. From self-made millionaires to weapon trader heiresses, the show checks off all the fascinating aspects we didn’t know we needed.

What did you think of Netflix’s Bling Empire? Are you ready for the next season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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