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Don't you worry, Jennifer Lopez. We're certainly not fooled by the rocks that you got! Discover J-Lo's net worth and learn why sometimes it's ok to hustle.

Is Jennifer Lopez a billionaire? Look at her insane net worth

Do you still remember the young & talented “Jenny from the Block?” Well according to Celebrity Net Worth, Jennifer Lopez, aka J.Lo, is all grown up with an enormous net worth of approximately $400 million. 

Jennifer Lopez has had many careers over the years and is actually a triple-thread with dancing, acting, and singing. Is there anything J.Lo can’t do? Let’s find out how rich she is. 

“Dance Again” 

Believe it or not, Jennifer Lopez has been dancing since she could walk. Women’s Health reported that the star took lessons at the age of five, but it was only at the age of eighteen when J.Lo started taking a couple of dancing jobs. 

Luckily, Jennifer Lopez had her dancing debut as a troupe dancer on the 90s comedy show, In Living Color. From there, Lopez became a key backup dancer for the one & only, Janet Jackson. 

Hollywood career

Jennifer Lopez has been acting since her dancing career took off. Jennifer Lopez has starred in a total of thirty-three films since her acting debut in Jimmy Smits’s My Family. She continued to venture out on the big screen with her role as the late-singer, Selena Quintanilla-Perez in 1997s Selena

According to Women’s Health, the 2005 movie, Monster In Law, starring legendary actress, Jane Fonda, made $23.1 million in its opening weekend. Since then, J.Lo has continued to explore what the Hollywood industry had to offer. 

In September 2019, Jennifer Lopez starred in Hustlers along with Constance Wu & Lili Reinhart. As per Women’s Health, J.Lo’s Hustlers ranked with a whopping $62 million which was much more than their production budget of $20 million.

Jennifer Lopez’s net worth might have grown from Hustlers, but according to J.Lo, despite being the lead star & co-producer, she didn’t earn much right away. J.Lo told GQ: “I didn’t get paid a whole bunch of money for Hustlers. I did it for free and produced it. Like Jenny From the Block, I do what I love.”

Maybe Hustlers didn’t give Jennifer Lopez the payment she deserved, but Lopez’s net worth definitely increased when she played in major blockbuster films, like The Wedding Planner, alongside Matthew McConaughey, and Out of Sight, with George Clooney. According to Women’s Health, Lopez started earning explosive paychecks close to $9 million per film. 

J.Lo is a performer

In 1999, Jennifer Lopez’s album On the 6 went platinum within two weeks of its debut. J.Lo’s singing career took off and so did her net worth when she eventually earned $765 thousand from her On the 6 tour. Lopez has always had a great reputation when it comes to making money on music tours. In fact, Forbes reported that J.Lo’s 2019 world tour received a grossing of $55 million. 

Jennifer Lopez’s net worth skyrocketed since the late 1999s, when she sold eight studio albums, world tours, and received a Las Vegas residency in 2016. Billboard described Lopez’s show as “record-breaking”, as she set a Planet Hollywood record with over $1 million ticket sales at her Las Vegas show. 

According to Billboard, Jennifer Lopez stated: “Performing ‘All I Have’ in Vegas over the last few years has been an incredible and rewarding experience that I won’t soon forget. Some of the best memories on stage from my career will forever be equated with this city.” 

Beauty ventures

Jennifer Lopez has a clothing line with the fashion brand Kohl, a makeup line with Inglot, and her successful shoe line with Guiseppe Zanotti. According to Refinery29, J.Lo’s net worth increased with her twenty-fragrances earning $100 million in sales per year. Did someone say J.Wow? 

Jennifer Lopez will have to make some space in her Chanel purse for her recent business venture, J.Lo Beauty. Lopez’s skincare brand, J.Lo Beauty has a total of eight beauty products including a moisturizer & cleanser. Lopez expressed to WSJ Magazine: “Why can’t we build not one multibillion-dollar business, but three or four?” 

Jenny’s block

Jennifer Lopez’s net worth has had its fair share in real estate starting in 2017 with her $27 million penthouse. Recently, Lopez & boyfriend, Alex Rodriquez, bought a Malibu beach house for a mere $6.6 million. Refinery29 reported that the couple bought their Malibu dream house right after placing their Avenue NYC apartment on the market for $17.5 million. 

Jennifer Lopez is a singer, dancer, and actress with a net worth of $400 million. Do you think 2021 will be the year of J.Lo? Let us know in the comments below.

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