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Which fast food chain has the best pancakes? Twitter debates between IHOP and Cracker Barrel to see which takes the crown.

Whose pancakes are better? IHOP or Cracker Barrel?

Pancakes! Ah the amazing breakfast food of fluffy deliciousness is well-known the world over. From the ultra fluffy ones in Japan to the delicious ones in diners across the USA, it’s a breakfast staple for many people. Now, the debate rages on: which has the better pancakes? IHOP or Cracker Barrel? Sure, IHOP is the International House of Pancakes, but don’t count Cracker Barrel out. 

The debate has raged on Twitter. So let’s go see some of the best comments about the deliciousness, shall we? 


A third contender? 

We’re discounting Waffle House because those are liminal spaces, and you never know if you’re getting out of there in time.



A heartwarming experience from IHOP.


Road trips

But Cracker Barrel just has a sense of nostalgia.


We don’t know what to say to that

Well then, that’s decisive. 


*stares into the camera like on The Office*

We do not recommend ordering the steak at IHOP.


The real respect

Forget the soulless corporations, think of the people who are actually making your pancakes and be grateful to them.


Another contender in the IHOP, Cracker Barrel debate emerges

Admittedly, drive-thru pancakes aren’t the best.


Delivery? Ehhhh . . . 

Though maybe consider delivery may take some deliciousness away from the food. 


Not a good look, Cracker Barrel




Cool, cool. Goth IHOP is a thing. (Why do we feel old?)

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