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Double whip, no foam, half-caf, and five pumps of caramel. Oh, and make it soy! Check out the craziest stories about Starbucks online ordering.

Starbucks online ordering is a disaster: These unusual orders prove it

Ever since the pandemic hit, online ordering has become easier than ever. For the customers at least. Especially ordering from Starbucks. You can now order your favorite custom drink without having to shamefully face your barista.

Take heart though – if you ever felt bad for having to ask for almond milk instead of whole milk, then you haven’t seen some of the worst Starbucks online orders! 

With Starbucks online ordering, you can pick & choose from countless add-ons and substitute possibilities. Baristas gave us an inch, and we took a mile. Now, Starbucks baristas have to deal with disastrously complex orders and TikTok trending custom drinks, all during rush hours.

Recently, a Starbucks online order went viral on Twitter due to its sheer mayhem. The venti cup required two label stickers because the customizations were so extensive. The customer’s order consisted of extra caramel drizzle, extra whip, extra caramel crunch, seven pumps of cinnamon dulce, and that’s not even half of it!

Is it still coffee if it consists entirely of sweet cream, mocha chips, and caramel drizzle? Baristas are spilling all the tea on the worst online orders! Take a look at some of these monstrous coffee creations from Starbucks online ordering:

Sugar-free frenzy and intricate orders

One order posted online showed just how detailed some customers are. The order required a Trenta iced coffee, 12 pumps sugar-free vanilla, 12 pumps sugar-free hazelnut, 12 pumps sugar-free caramel, 5 pumps skinny mocha, a splash of soy, coffee to the star on the siren’s head, ice, double-blended! Who doesn’t love a cup full of syrup?

Another barista confessed: “I get a regular who gets a venti caramel frap with extra caramel and extra whipped cream, but he wants it layered, so basically it would be frappe, whip, and caramel drizzle, and he wants, at minimum, four layers.”

Custom orders so big they don’t even fit the cup

A Starbucks barista tweeted, “There’s this girl at my store that would legit get a caramel macchiato with 10 pumps white mocha, 9 shots whole milk, and 10 pumps vanilla and it was too much liquid we had to put it in a Trenta cup. And she never tips.” Come on guys, tip your hardworking baristas!

Another barista tweeted an online order of a venti mocha Frappuccino which needed 4 pumps of every syrup they could possibly add plus a drizzle of mocha. The barista said, “This came in a few weeks ago could’ve filled three grande cups with leftovers.” Well, now that’s just wasteful!

Perfectionist customers who should’ve ordered online

This next one terrifies us. A Starbucks employee posted about a doctor who regularly orders a grande green tea latte. Except with “one pump classic, nonfat, 6 enormous scoops of matcha, 195 degrees, and ABSOLUTELY NO FOAM.” They added, “If somebody new is making it, he hovers, and acts like a backseat barista.” We’d quit the first day on the job!

There are also some customers who don’t want to waste a single minute. One customer was said to have just demanded, “Just hand me a cup. It will be easier if I draw it out for you.” 

This order is enough to make a barista break into a cold sweat. A brave barista described this order: “Venti GTF (Green Tea Frappuccino), no classic or base sweetener, soy to the second line, one scoop vanilla bean, one pump skinny mocha, 4 ‘VERY HEAPING’ scoops of matcha, a heaping grande scoop of ice, blended on level 3, three times

They continue, “After the four heaping scoops of matcha she will ALWAYS say either two or three more heaping scoops, and when you’re getting the ice, it has to be perfect. Just today she made me scoop her ice seven times before it was finally heaping enough.” 

These customers really aren’t scared of judgment at all! Would you try any of these wild Starbucks orders? What’s your usual go-to Starbucks online order? Let us know in the comments below!

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