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Pam Heffler: An Artist’s Mission to Reclaim Joy and Confidence in Women

According to recent statistics from Gitnux market data, since the pandemic, 32% of women in the U.S. alone reported feeling lower self esteem, leading to depression. One incredible Los Angeles-based woman, Pam Heffler, is on a mission to eradicate this after-effect.

The study shows that 90% of women shared that they are unhappy with their bodies and their appearance, and two thirds of all adult women share that they did not have a significant figure in their lives that believed in them or their dreams. This has resulted in low self esteem and settling for less in their lives. 

Actress and embodiment life coach, Pam Heffler, says, “This is an unprecedented time in history. We never could have imagined what we all went through in recent years. I’ve always been passionate about helping women thrive in life, and now, more than ever, I am inspired to   help others heal and find their purpose so they can live the life of their dreams.”

Pam is an actress, dancer and transformational Embodiment Coach with over 20 years experience performing on stages, and in film and television. You may have seen her in  NBC’s drama “Heart Beat,” NBC’s comedy “Love Bites,”  the Danny Glover feature film “The Shift,” among others.

A former professional dancer and life coach for Illumine Education, she is the  founder and facilitator of Dance Your Life, a free form creative movement journey serving clients around the world.

She helps her participants heal limiting beliefs, free limitations stored in their bodies and release the truth of their passion and spirit so they can lead joy-filled, purposeful and passionate lives.

Pam herself is passionate about telling stories that raise consciousness through her art as an actress. She recently performed in the powerful Los Angeles theatrical event “Letters from Ukraine,” portraying two women telling their real life harrowing tales in the first days of the war in Ukraine. 

Last year, she had a supporting role in the film “AUSTIN,” raising awareness about neurodiversity and the power of music to heal. 

Pam is represented by The Happen Agency and Debra Manners Talent, and she is currently writing her own short film to star in that explores the challenge of caring for a senior parent, as well as the dilemma and statistically high incident of teen homelessness. 

Upcoming, Pam will be performing in an encore performance of the original play “JOY RIDE,” chosen as a finalist in the International Brisk Theater Festival in Santa Monica at the MorganWixson Theater on September 2nd and 3rd. Tickets are available at

Both as an actress and former professional dancer, Pam has thrived on diverse artistic expression. At a young age she became part of an experimental modern dance company in her home town and shortly after leaving college with a BFA in dance she landed in a top notch LA based modern dance company. 

Her passion for acting came out of the limitations she felt were put on her as a dancer. 

She shares how acting seemed to really allow freedom of expression in a new way. Trained in NYC and LA, Pam has worked as an actress in independent films, prime time television, a stint on a  soap opera, and an eclectic variety of theater ranging from classical, contemporary and musicals.

Having seen how limiting beliefs played out in her own life and the lives of those around her Pam says, “I’m committed to changing the narrative for not only myself, but also my clients, colleagues, and friends, through my Embodiment Coaching practice, Dance Your Life.”

She adds, “As a professional dancer, I could see the poisonous effect that perfectionism had on me and the dancers around me. There is absolutely no joy, freedom, self expression or true artistry when someone is trying to get it ‘“right’” or be perfect. Perfection doesn’t exist and truly kills your soul as a human and as an artist.”

Pam shares that Dance Your Life is an incredible antidote to perfectionism. The signature process she uses for herself and others, which starts with intention, allows one to let go of the burdens of society’s status quo. Releasing negative limiting stories is freeing.This supervised and guided movement allows one to be fully expressed, courageous and clear in pursuing a  lit up life.

Through her commitment to empowering her clients, Pam has geared her Dance Your Life embodiment coaching practice towards women who may feel stuck, play too small, and have been settling for less in their lives. 

Results her clients have experienced include “releasing long held body shame,” “taking up more space on public stages as speakers and performers,” “ getting out of relationships that no longer serve them,” “setting powerful boundaries in their work and relationships,” “more success and joy in their chosen field of expression,” “ more passion and aliveness,” “recommitting to artistic projects,” and simply saying “yes” to their lives rather than settling for less. 

Always working in the spirit of service and her own evolution, Pam is currently offering a limited number of complimentary Embodied Wisdom Breakthrough virtual sessions. 

For more on Pam and to book a session, connect at

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