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Learn Japanese (or any other language) by Watching TV

People all around the world use different languages to communicate with each other. Japanese is one of the top most spoken languages worldwide. Many of you want to learn and understand the Japanese language. Although many ways help you to learn Japanese quickly but learning Japanese by watching TV enhances your spoken ability through understanding Japanese culture, vocabulary, and pronunciation of words. You can understand Japanese by watching exciting shows and dramas that help you learn the differences between your and their cultures. Learn Japanese with anime would be a perfect option for beginner-level learners. Through this article, you learn how to understand easy methods to get fluent in Japanese.

Understand subtitles:

You can simply learn Japanese by understanding the subtitles of shows and movies. Understanding Japanese subtitles will enhance your ability to learn more content. Also, you can learn with a chrome extension. Simply add a chrome extension and learn more new Japanese words that help you to read and speak perfectly. You can transfer English subtitles into Japanese to start to learn in a better way. Watching a movie or show multiple times will help you understand what is happening.

Note down new words:

When you watch Japanese shows or movies, concentrate on new words and phrases. It is good to keep a notebook and pen with you and immediately write down any new word and phrase that you want to learn. You will have a list of many new words at the show’s end. Now you can translate these new words from the dictionary and read them daily when you have time. After reading multiple times in routine, you get proficient in these words. Now time to make another list of new words and repeat the previous learning process with this new list. After some time, you have a lot of new words which you learn through a simple note-down method.

The practice of speaking:

Learn Japanese with lingopie is incomplete till you start the practice of speaking. Speaking practice makes your skill more fluent. So, don’t hesitate to speak. The best way for speaking practice the Japanese language is to speak louder in front of a mirror or repeat the sentences or dialog of the TV show in the same way as you listen to the performer in the movie or show. The repeating dialogs method improves your pronunciation with speaking skills.

Above mention process of learning not only gives you an understanding of a new language. Also, you will enjoy TV shows and movies from entirely different cultures and people. Watch that shows and dramas that grab your interest and you won’t feel bored when you watch them repeatedly. Here are some awesome Japanese TV shows we categorize into three levels for learners. You can watch them according to your learning level.

Best shows to watch for beginners:

Are you a beginner-level learner of the Japanese language? Watch below mention shows that must help you to learn perfectly at the initial level.

  •         Doraemon: is an anime series from japan that is an all-time favorite of kids around the world. You can understand some essential words of Japanese through this series. Also, you will entertain by watching Nobita and Doraemon’s different mischievous.
  •         Chirubii: it is also a very entertaining animated series for kids. You will enhance your learning skill by watching this series because it includes some basic vocabulary that is easy to understand for a beginner.
  •         Sazae-san: this comic cartoon is inspired by an old comic series. Sazae-san is a woman who lives with her family include, husband, son, parents, and siblings. Conversations between these characters will give an idea about how Japanese people talk with each other.

Shows that good to watch for intermediate-level learners:

Why did you come to japan? : it is a show in which an interviewer takes interviews with different people at the airport, asking them about why they visit japan. Every person answers about the reason for their visit to japan. You will understand Japanese with different questions from the interviewer and answers from the visitor.

  •         Erased: it is a series of 12 episodes in which a man travels to prevent a murder. The mysterious story entertains you also you can learn Japanese with this show.
  •         Shiratori Reiko de Gozaimasu: you will learn + enjoy this romantic comedy about a rich woman who gets involved in a middle-class man’s love. It is an exciting drama you will love to watch.

Shows that are helpful to watch for advanced level learners:

Ame Talk: The show hosts are two famous Japanese comedians. They invite some guests to every episode and interview them by cracking jokes for fun. You will learn Japanese in a fun way by watching this show.

The Promised Neverland: this animated cartoon is best to watch for advance level learners. The story is similar to the classic Peter Pan story. You can get more ideas about the Japanese language after watching this show.

Ushijima the Loan Shark: you will experience a different way of Japanese slang in this show. This is a fictional program but highlights some realities like a loan shark.

Terrace house: it’s a reality show that revolves around six people’s lives. They all are strangers to each other. There are three males and three females with different backgrounds and thinking. They have to know each other well because they live in an apartment together. Their conversation will help you to learn Japanese quickly.


Some people think that Japanese is a complex language to learn. Whether you belong to any country or speak any language, don’t feel afraid of learning Japanese because nothing is impossible. You will surely learn very fast if you get consistent with your learning processes. Through this article’s guidelines, you will get an idea about starting your learning journey of the Japanese language by watching TV and which shows are helpful for you to care for a quick understanding of Japanese.

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