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It's never a bad thing to have options! From OG to Kimbo, here's why you should explore the many flavors of Kush strains available to you.

Why buy kush strains in various flavors

Marijuana gets extensively used for medical and recreational purposes. Kush strain is a wide variety of marijuana, available in different highs and flavors. The list has some best strains as well as some medium-range ones. Hence, if you want to please your taste buds and get something worthwhile, you have to delve deep into these Kush strains.

kush strains flavors

OG Kush

One of the well-established Kush strains is the OG Kush. It is the support and backbone for every strain available on this list. Found across the Hindu Kush, these strains are popular all across the globe. The hybrid hitting every part of the body affects the central nervous and musculoskeletal systems. 

The strain is sugary, sweet in flavor, and has a berry taste. The aroma is fresh and appealing. You will feel creative and relaxed after smoking this strain. You have some savory strains as well as the sweet ones. These come with varying content of THC and CBD.

kush strains flavors

Sweet Kush

Another famous Kush strain apart from OG Kush is the sweet Kush. As the name indicates, it is for the sweet tooth. It tastes like a lemon drop that swirls your palate and takes away that lazy or sleepy feeling.

kush strains flavors

Orange Coach

The combination of OG Kush and the orange bird is orange. The strain combines Kush into a sedative Indica strain.

kush strains flavors

Cookies Kush

Another known Kush strain available in different parts of the globe is the cookie’s train. It is known as the best coffee shop strain that tastes sweet and smells aromatic. It has a fruity and lime aroma that will grab your attention.

kush strains flavors

Kandy Kush

Crossing between OG Kush and sweet Kush is the Kandy Kush. It is a hybrid that is a Sativa- or Indica-leaning quality, depending on the content. It is another well-established strain in the OG Kush family with a sweet lemon aroma and a Kandy taste.

kush strains flavors

The Hindu Kush 

Another brilliant, shiny, and purple highlighted trichomes are the Hindu Kush. It is an earthy, woody, spicy and herbal strain. It is what you are thinking. It has a sweet and aromatic flavor that you would love to try.

kush strains flavors

Kimbo Kush

Another well-established combination that has won different hearts is the Kimbo Kush. It is a cross between Starfighter and BlackBerry Kush. It is a hybrid with a smooth and subtle hint of citrus and berries. 

If you want to try out different strains, you have to grab the help of the Internet. Go across many articles and see which strain serves your requirement. Along with this, you can take the assistance of the Astro Eight because they help you with different varieties at a competitive rate. 

You have to visit their stores to understand their strains and quality. The more informed you are of their options, the better will be your selection. Along with this, you must try out different strains as a sample and then select the one that suits your requirement. Try new variants and get high with kush strains.

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