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Celebrated Debut, “Three Corners of Deception,” Now on Prime Video

A true story of a dramatic divorce and the even more dramatic custody battle that followed it, “Three Corners of Deception,” is the directorial debut of Dr. Meleeka Clary. A clinical psychologist turned filmmaker, Clary’s difficult decision to tell her own story through film resulted in a tense, dramatic movie that is a hauntingly real indictment of the judicial system.

Clary knows the flaws in the system better than most. Not only does the film tell of her own experiences, but she’s also seen the experiences of many others through her work as a compassionate counselor in a transition shelter. There, Clary offered psychological support to victims of domestic violence or grappling with addiction. She has encountered many tragic and frustrating stories and has seen the unique struggles of many different people. She brings this authentic experience and passion for helping the downtrodden to her film work.

“Three Corners of Deception,” clearly benefits from Clary’s unique perspectives. Both the filmmaker and the star actor for the film, Clary wields passion and honest emotion that are rare to find in the industry. It’s a film that would fall flat without this kind of honesty, as its central focus is on relationships, abuse, emotional manipulation, and the stoically unempathetic U.S. justice system. It would be too easy for this film to fall into melodrama, but the air of unsettling reality and the authority of its narrator keep it present and timely.

The film was well-received and was screened at many prestigious film festivals, including the Berlin International Art Film Festival. The film also received an award from the International Independent Film Festival and distinguished recognition at the Red River Film Festival. Dr. Clary also received a Best Human Rights Director award from the Toronto International Women Film Festival.

“During my marriage, I became a victim of being mentally abused,” Dr. Clary admits, “I never thought that I would fall, or that I would be vulnerable to being mentally abused. However, one can be the strongest individual alive, but one can still fall short and become a victim.” These difficult experiences made for a film of challenging themes, portraying the worst of Dr. Clary’s experiences with both the vulnerable honesty of art and the precision of a professional academic. “I use my experiences and testimonies and education background,” Dr. Clary says of her filmmaking, “I research many topics surrounding communications, addictions, depression, and many mental disorders, so I can be a good advocate in those areas.”

The film, like much of Dr. Clary’s work, was made with advocacy at its core. “I want my legacy to be about what I stand for as a person who believes in change,” she says. “As a psychologist, I love helping people to feel better about themselves… As a woman in healthcare, I want every woman to know their value in life is needed towards a positive for our children.”

For more information, you can find “Three Corners of Deception” on IMDB, you can visit Dr. Meleeka Clary’s website, or even look up her podcast, the “Dr. Meleeka Clary Show.” More importantly, you can watch “Three Corners of Deception” on Prime Video now.

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