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'Three Corners of Deception' has drama, romance, and intrigue. Get the scoop on one of the hottest indie films of the year ahead of its October release.

Uncover the truth with new indie film ‘Three Corners of Deception’

Calling all movie buffs and cinephiles. There’s a female-led independent movie due out later this year that you need to add to your watch list. Filled with equal parts steamy romance and courtroom drama, Three Corners of Deception is currently in post-production. The film is scheduled for release this August.

This is the debut film from writer & director Meleeka Clary. Three Corners of Deception ambitiously treks across the U.S. with scenes shot in Miami, Las Vegas, Boston, Atlanta, and Indianapolis. One young law professor’s decision will lead to unanticipated consequences for herself and the people she loves most.

Late summer might seem like a million years away, but it’s approaching quickly. Get yourself hyped for the hottest indie movie of the year by catching up on all the details right here.

What happens in Vegas…

Three Corners of Deception follows Dr. Meleeka Cary-Ghosh through the most tumultuous events of her life. Dr. Cary-Ghosh is a law professor looking for an escape from the doldrums of daily life. She decides to take a Memorial Day weekend trip to Las Vegas, and there her life changes forever.

Dr. Cary-Ghosh meets a young attorney on her trip, and the two fall in love. The two rush into marriage, but soon what seems like love at first sight reveals itself to be something much more sinister. In a whirlwind, the couple finds themselves standing in a courtroom as layer after layer of calculated deception unwinds. Love may just be Dr. Cary-Ghosh’s undoing.

Debut filmmaker

Meleeka Clary has worked in the film industry for years, but Three Corners of Deception marks her first time creating a feature-length film that’s entirely her own. She previously starred in the TV miniseries Willpower. She also stars in the upcoming film A Coat of Arms. For Three Corners of Deception, Cary will be working behind the camera in addition to starring in the film’s lead role.

Alongside Clary, Three Corners of Deception stars Debra Danielsen, Randy Bruce, Kristin Szczerbik, Shaun Diggs, Benz Veal, Banza Pandora J. Townsend, Leslie Root, and Aprille Park. The film shot back in the summer of 2019. Since then, the cast & crew have worked tirelessly over the past two years to plan, shoot, and produce the film.

Early acclaim

Three Corners of Deception will have its official premiere this August, but it has already garnered early recognition & appreciation. The film was screened at the Toronto Women Film Festival, which aims to promote the works of female directors. There it won the festival’s Best Human Rights award for its exploration of human relationships forced into legal frameworks.

A premiere event for the film will be held on August 29th at the Black Iris Estates in Carmel, Indiana. You can keep up with the film leading up to its release by following Three Corners of Deception on Facebook & Twitter. If you’re a fan of romance, courtroom drama, or films led by women, then Three Corners of Deception is something that you absolutely don’t want to miss.

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