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Serving Humanity Through Entertainment and Psychology

Dr. Meleeka Clary has made a name for herself as an actress, counselor, paralegal, and psychologist. She is a multitalented person who is not afraid to experiment in her profession. She actively advocates human rights and has a vibrant stance on women’s rights. Her bravery partly stems from her own experiences, including a tormented marriage that ended in divorce. Despite her best efforts, Dr. Meleeka Clary couldn’t acquire custody of her child. In the court of law. She was a firsthand victim of judicial deception that dodged her during the proceedings. Dr. Clary was bold enough to bring her experience to the silver screen through her directorial debut movie—enlightening the viewers about freedom of expression and the right to co-exist. Her bold stance against a society where human rights are curbed is widely known. 

Unveiling The Truth Through Films & Documentaries

Born to Andrew Lee Clary Sr. and Larriana Clary, Meleeka Clary inherited acting talent from her mother. Her father was an entrepreneur, while her mother was a model. Her passion for acting was for all to see, due to which her parents enrolled her at Vicki’s School. Dr. Clary’s teachers allowed her to explore her talents and encouraged her at every step. She was selected to act in the play Garriet Tubman during middle school. As a professional, she pursued a career as an actress and a real estate investor during her young adulthood days. Dr. Clary opted to make a name in the entertainment industry. She was set to make her mask in this segment through her featured directorial movie, Three Corners of Deception, in which she also acted alongside Benz Veal. Shaun Diggs, Leslie Root, and Benza Pandor, among others. 

The critically acclaimed movie won several industry awards, including the ARTE International Prize for the best feature film in 2021, Award of merit at Documentaries Without Boundaries Film Festival, best feature film at Dreamz Catcher International Film Festival, best feature film at Indian Indie Awards and the list continues.

A Renowned Clinical Psychologist

Despite having a busy schedule in the entertainment industry, Dr. Clary never neglected her education. Her passion for becoming a psychologist was among her top priorities, which later proved to be true. In 2004, she completed her master’s degree in criminal justice from Curry University. In 2005, Dr. Clary received a Paralegal Certificate from Northeastern University and enrolled in the Ph.D. program in clinical psychology at Walden University.  

She worked as a counselor at Hilderbrand Shelter and Inn Transition Shelter, where she met victims of domestic violence, drug addicts, and HIV patients. She learned about the hardships these patients went through every day. Dr. Clary decided to pursue her career as a clinical psychologist and help people in any way she could. She used her exposure in the entertainment industry to enlighten people about the problems faced by mental patients and women. This allowed her to further her stance as an advocate of human rights, especially for black women. Her personal experience as a wife and a mother also helped her to further this cause. As someone who suffered judicial deception firsthand at various levels, Dr. Clary is firmly against any form of deception, no matter how negligible it may be. She is against all types of injustice against women and minorities, including those whom society has marginalized. She actively supports social change and is willing to exceed any limit to make it happen.

In addition to acting, directing, counseling, and creating YouTube content, Dr. Clary is a criminal psychologist at the HMWP Psychology Counseling, where she helps people get over their psychology-related problems.

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