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Ahlem Tartir: President of the International Organization for Governance, Preserving Human Rights

In a world filled with conflicts, the need to preserve human rights has never been greater. Contrary to what many people may think, abuse of human rights is not something to be taken on a lighter note. 

Human rights abuse can range from a burning conflict between two democratic countries to serious issues like rape, murder, and child labor. But there exist some countries with no actual conflict, but citizens are held in perpetual virtual prisons due to the government’s need to hold on to the power. 

The need to ensure that human rights are upheld and maintained is, therefore, greater in areas where human rights are not properly checked and monitored. 

You may be surprised to learn that human rights aren’t even 100 years old. The horrific events of the Second World War demonstrated to the world that humans were clearly not treated equally. Likewise, the mass genocide of Jews and the murder of many disabled and LGBTQ+ population during the holocaust was a harsh wake-up call for world leaders. 

In order to cater to all these problems, The United Nations was established in June 1945 to work for the noble cause. It strives to achieve international peace and prevent future conflicts. It still exists today, but now with 193 member states compared to the original 51. 

Over the century, many organizations were developed with the determination to preserve human rights, like the global Human Rights Watch, the United Nations Human Rights Commission, and Amnesty International. The need to strengthen and prop up these working bodies in the international community to mitigate the needless loss of lives in conflict zones is increasing. This will also uphold civil and social rights in countries where dictatorships are on the brink. 

Dr. Ahlem Arfaoui Tartir is one of the human rights’ preservers who worked day-in and day-out to mitigate human right abuse. She is the president of the International Organization of Local Government (IOLG), a company that works for sustainable development, decentralization, and youth and women empowerment in different municipalities across the globe. In addition, Tartir holds the administrative and financial advisor position at the League of Arab States. Through her emerging desire to empower women, she was elected as a vice president of the International Federation of African Women and Ambassador of Peace in the USA and Tunisia. 

IOLG has taken a keen interest in protecting human rights. Tartir participated in the third session of the Forum on Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule of Law on the topic “Equal access to justice for all: a necessary element of democracy, the rule of law and human rights protection,” held in the UN office in Geneva, Switzerland from November 16 to November 17, 2021. 

During the session, Dr. Arfaoui, during her speech, said that democratic government must focus on the promotion and protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms to become successful. 

Filled with passion and dreams, Tartir is a certified expert in community development, participatory democracy, and human rights. She was chosen among the best hundred women in the world capable of making change at the Economic Conference in Malta. As a result, she was offered multiple roles inside and outside Tunisia. 

Tartir didn’t reach the presidency of an international organization out of nowhere; she became involved in civil work in the most powerful civil organization present in Tunisia and the Arab world, the Tunisian Labor Union. In an interview, she said, “My life is a long series of learning and interaction in civil society, where I obtained a doctorate in community development and public leadership and became an internationally accredited expert in the field of sustainable development, anti-corruption, and gender equality.”

In 2018, she was presented with a Certificate of Honor from the Tunisian President on National Women’s Day. In addition, her services for the preservation of human rights enabled her to receive a Certificate of Appreciation from the United Nations on International Women’s Day in 2018. The certificate was presented to recognize her services in improving the role of women in local governance. 

She received the Excellence in Service Award from the International Human Rights Commission in return for her efforts and services in protecting human rights. Achieving justice and development by supporting society, youth, women, and children, Tartir proved that she is the true preserver of human rights. 

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