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Logan Paul and Bryce Hall, two names that make us crave some mouthwash as well as a Bible. Who has the highest net worth?

Bryce Hall vs. Logan Paul: Which influencer has the highest net worth?

Logan Paul and Bryce Hall, two names that make us crave some Listerine mouthwash as well as a Bible. While Logan Paul has, to his own credit, carved out a new reputation for himself in the past years, especially after his amazing content during 2020 quarantine, the fact remains that both Logan Paul and Bryce Hall are two polarizing figures to much of the social media community. But whatever, they make funny $%!+. 

That being said, YouTube star Logan Paul, as well as TikTok star Bryce Hall, have both carved out an impressive legacy for themselves, respectively dipping their toes in multiple revenue streams such as boxing, social media, as well as Pokemon card collecting, oddly enough. Of course, we’re not referring to actual Pokemon, as most of us recognize they’re only real in Japan where Logan Paul can no longer visit too soon?

So, what does being a controversial social media star pay these days? What is Bryce Hall’s net worth? Does Bryce Hall’s net worth outdo Logan Paul’s? These are questions we’re dying to know, the jealous community who could only dream of making the big bucks for essentially, you know, playing around while holding a camera. Clear to dive into some impressive net worths with us? Avert your eyes if big numbers scare you. 

Logan Paul

Twenty-six-year-old Logan Paul is known for his problematic past, most of which he had decided to film and put on his YouTube channel. Nothing was more shocking than his 2017 video of visiting Japan’s “suicide forest” to which he and his friends came across a dead body, hanging from a tree. It was a notorious moment amongst the YouTube community, giving Paul the long label of “biggest @$$hole on YouTube”.  

However, while Logan Paul still has his fair share of mishaps, he has managed to clean up his image and devote much of his time to professional boxing, much like his younger brother and fellow YouTube star, Jake Paul. Logan Paul actually fought the legendary Floyd Mayweather a few months back, which should’ve been considered as fair atonement as he got his butt whooped pretty bad.  

Today, it is estimated by Celebrity Net Worth that Logan Paul has a net worth of about $19 million, surely enough money to finance his lifestyle in Puerto Rico after his move from his mansion in Encino, California. As well, given his most recent boxing bout against legend Floyd Mayweather, we’re sure that Paul has probably mounted an even larger sum of cash than even we could predict. 

Bryce Hall

Twenty-two-year-old Bryce Hall is a social media influencer and content creator, currently wracking up over 20 million followers on the social media app TikTok. Bryce Hall, who actually once dated TikTok icon Addison Rae, has also collected nearly four million followers on his YouTube channel.

However, much like Logan Paul, Bryce Hall has to have his fair share of controversies, including one arrest for misdemeanor possession of marijuana as well as TMZ posting a disturbing video of Hall and his friends drunkenly harassing an employee at a Cinco restaurant in Los Angeles. Yikes . . . not a good look for you or your net worth there, Bryce Hall. 

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Bryce Hall currently has a net worth of $2 million, coming in quite shy from his counterpart Logan Paul, who is clearly a more prominent figure in the social media game. However, if today’s patterns continue, Bryce Hall will no doubt be offered the lead role in a Netflix reimagining of other Varsity Blues or American Pie sometime down the road, hopefully boosting his net worth along the way. 

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