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If you're planning a party, why not try an old favorite to keep your guests smiling? From Spoons to Musical chairs, these games will entertain everyone!

The Best Party Games for All Occasions

What makes a great party? Good food and great drinks? Cool decorations and an amazing atmosphere? Sure these things are important, but above all, parties are all about spending time with your friends. And games are a great way to get to know your mates better and spice up your parties. Find out how to throw the perfect nerf gun party. Visit us and learn more about the best guns, darts, and targets for your next birthday extravaganza!

Whether it is a cocktail party, pool party, bachelorette party, or dinner party, games are fantastic icebreakers and entertainers in all gatherings. They lighten up your mood and make sure you spend a fun-filled evening with your friends and family.

Read on for some of the most brilliant party games for every occasion!

Who Am I?

The game is as interesting and mysterious as it sounds right from the beginning. “Who Am I” is a guessing game. Here, you need to either impersonate or draw a famous person on a blank piece of paper. Your teammates then need to guess who you’ve just enacted or drew.

Want to spice it up some more? One of the many variations of this game suggests using sticky notes to write the name on the players’ backs. This one is so much fun – go on and try it!

Murder Mystery Games

Need a game for your next Halloween party? Murder Mystery games are everyone’s favorite for Halloween parties. But you can entertain yourselves with these mysterious games any time of the year!

Whether or not it is Halloween, you can call up your friends for a sleepover and pop out your box of Murder Mystery Games, and play on. You get a number of mysteries to choose from, each consisting of charter descriptions, clues, and scripts. All of this leads you to solve the mystery, while having a bunch of fun along the way.

The Not So Newlywed Game

Does your group of friends consist of newly or not-so-recently married couples? The Not So Newlywed Game is the perfect game you can play next time you get together with your group of couples hanging out.

In this game, you go through a bunch of questions – the game has 150+ questions in total! The questions cover dating, engagement and the wedding, the various firsts, friends and family, best and worst, finances, preferences, and more. There is even a full category of funny questions. All in all, this game takes your couple-party to another level.


Spoons is a thrilling card game that can be played by the young and old alike. It involves intuitive thinking and is fast and exciting. All you need is a deck of cards without the jokers and spoons some spoons. You’ll need enough spoons for the number of players minus one and this games is best played in groups of between three and 13 people.

Kiss Marry Kill

Kiss Marry Kill is a personalised game of the original. In this one, you get to name fictional characters or celebs that you would like to kiss, marry, or kill. You can develop your own list of personalities, celebrities, or fictional characters and you’ll find plenty of tips and ideas for this game online. This is a great game for all kinds of occasion, but it is one of the best Bachelorette Games for a bachelorette party or weekend.

Never Have I Ever

In any list of the best games you can play on all occasions, “Never Have I Ever” has to make the list. It is amusing and a great way to know your friends. This game is made up by the players as you go, so there’s an endless array of constantly unfolding some fresh ideas. This game can also be adapted to all occasions by using alcoholic or non-alcoholic versions.

Musical Chairs

Okay, agreed! This is a popular game for kids, but adults can have some fun with it too. You need to place a set of chairs in a circular manner facing outward. There should be one less chairs than number of players. So if you’re playing with six people, you should start with five chairs.

One person plays the music, and the players walk, run, or dance around the chairs. When the music stops, the players sit on the chair they’re closest to, and the person who doesn’t get a chair is out. For the next round, take out another chair, and continue this for each round until there is only one winner!

Wrapping Up

Any occasion is more enjoyable when you have a bunch of games lined up for later. Young and old players alike love to indulge in games that set the mood of the night. These games are perfect for a bachelorette party, birthday shindig, housewarming, or just a casual get together. Just make sure to have games that include everyone attending the party!

Whatever be the occasion, including these games is sure to make your party a memorable one!

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