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Remi Jones of Remi TV talks everything thyroid

Graves’ disease, an intimidating condition that affects millions of individuals. Remi Jones, an internationally recognized celebrity correspondent was one of the stand out cases. While battling Graves’ disease Remi overcame a vast quantity of tribulations to attain her goals and career objectives. Despite the condition being unknown and left untreated Remi’s battle was scary. As a side effect of the illness Jones went through a series of heart palpitations, unexplained weight loss, anxiety, high blood pressure, and swollen ankles.

Perseverance being a key component in Jones’ success; her hard work paid off. Focused on her career led her not to notice her immense weight loss. As she became more indulgent in her career her symptoms began to flare. Before she knew it her ankles were swollen ten times their normal size; in addition to heart palpitations emerging. Jones’ developed anxiety for a duration of a week before deciding to go to a physician. She went to the hospital and discovered that the symptoms were caused by her thyroid. During this time she was prescribed and commenced taking beta-blockers.

Remi’s Quotes on Graves’ disease and Thyroids:

“I remember my hands were always trembling and I constantly felt anxiety,” said Jones. “There were even times where I was filming a show and was sweating so much even when the AC was on full blast but I was constantly hot. I took a break for 3 months until I felt better and beta blockers did their thing!”.

After a several months of being on beta blockers, she finally felt like her normal self again. Today you can find Remi walking the red carpet for major companies like Netflix, Hulu, and amazon prime.

Remi jones diet regiment for a healthy thyroid is Salmon, oats, nuts, yogurt, fruit, and more.

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