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Has the pandemic made you miss your practice or favorite yogi? Look no further. Here are the best yoga YouTube videos to get you back to your routine.

The New Years bend: Try these yoga routines on YouTube

The new year is here to motivate us to take better care of ourselves yet again. After the horridly challenging year that was 2020, it only makes sense to start anew in 2021. The phrase “new year, new me” hasn’t felt as fitting as right now. What better way to combat weariness than to try some relaxing yoga poses? Upward dog has got to help our achy backs! 

The physical & spiritual practice of yoga is the perfect choice for some good old self-care. Studies have shown that one of the best ways to relieve stress, brighten mood, improve your flexibility, and get a good night’s sleep is to do yoga.

So, unroll your dusty mat and get ready for some stretching, balancing, and finding your inner peace through these yoga routines we handpicked on YouTube. These routines are guaranteed to help you get a fresh start in the new year you deserve.

Morning Yoga Fix (11 minutes)

Start your mornings with instructor Tara Stiles and her eleven-minute yoga workout session. Focusing on your breathing rhythm, the gentle flow of this yoga sequence helps slowly wake your muscles by stretching them out. The workout consists of a blend of standing & sitting poses that will not only refresh you but ready you for the day ahead. 

“Morning Yoga Fix” caters to all levels of amateur & professional yogis. 

Yoga for Tension Relief (28 minutes)

Days when you have no physical energy to exert on anything, this breath-based yoga workout is perfect for you. Taught by instructor Andriene, this low-effort routine requires the bare minimum from you and, instead, allows you to deflate & center yourself. As the title suggests, the meditative sequence will help you relax and relieve your stresses.

Andriene also offers other yoga videos on her popular YouTube channel, – Yoga with Adriene – so don’t forget to check it out!

Total Body Yoga Workout (30 minutes)

Up for a challenge? This thirty-minute yoga workout by Fightmaster Yoga YouTube channel takes you on a graceful journey of exercising your full-body muscles. Instructor Lesley Fightmaster leads the yoga session while also suggesting adjustments to the moves as per your desired difficulty. 

Filmed on an Italian seashore, this routine for people who want to give themselves a little push and get out of bone-deep lethargy.

Core Strength Yoga (15 minutes)

Does your back hurt from spending long hours sitting at your desk? YouTube channel YogaTX offers this fifteen-minute yoga sequence to stretch & strengthen your midsection.

“Core Strength Yoga” is a sit-up free core workout especially effective for people who suffer from lower back pain. Instructor Chance Cole informs viewers, “you really need to strengthen the front body so the back body doesn’t have to work so hard.”

Kickapoo the Kangaroo (16 minutes)

Yoga is a healthy & wonderful practice to incorporate in your little ones’ routine. Whether it’s tween siblings or restless offsprings, Cosmic Kids has hundreds of interactive yoga videos on their YouTube channel, claiming to take the young ones on a “Cosmic Kids yoga adventure”.

The yoga routines taught on Cosmic Kids are structured around stories of characters like Spiderman & Moana – making yoga really engaging for children

Simple At Home Yoga (30 minutes)

Wind down in your living room after a long day with a “Stay At Home Yoga” session by Bad Yogi. This thirty-minute sequence will stretch & soothe your body, making you feel nimble and light as a feather.

Bad Yogi’s YouTube channel is based on the principle: “There’s no time for snobbery, pretense, or taking ourselves too seriously. You’ll have fun, learn, and most of all feel great about incorporating yoga into your life.” 

The grounding practice of yoga can enrich one’s monotonous life. Find the yoga routine that fits you and give your new year a refreshing start. 

Do you have a favorite yoga routine or a pose? Let us know by commenting below!

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