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Cure your Coronavirus blues with these home workouts. Here are some of our favorite pages with a variety of at home workouts to do.

Get jacked! Cure your Coronavirus blues with these home workouts

Given that we’re all trying to avoid getting the coronavirus, the gym is probably a good place to avoid. You have bodily fluids and people coughing and that one guy that always forgets to wipe down the equipment. But, eventually, you’re gonna want to be active, especially since you’re locked away for some serious social distancing. While those of us who live in a sparsely populated area can just go for a walk, those in more cramped quarters need a good at home routine.

While there are fine workouts online, most you have to pay for. We’re not going to shell out cash for a Pleton during this health crisis. Instead, you go to the good old YouTube and fire up on a work out there. Here are some of our favorite pages with a variety of at home workouts to do.


POPSUGAR Fitness brings you a variety of workouts for all levels of fitness at a variety of times. We have 10 minute core workouts to 40 minute kickboxing sessions. There’s boxing, dancing, yoga, and more. With this much variety, you can quickly find a workout that you like and stick to it pretty easy. Plus the teachers are local professionals who are leading you through the workout.

POPSUGAR Fitness has a truly excellent variety of content to pick from, which you can more than enjoy.

The Fitness Marshall

Are you more freeform with your workouts? Do classes make you flashback way to hard to high school gym class? Then you may enjoy the more freeform dance cardio of The Fitness Marshall. Caleb Marshall has been providing fun, entertaining dance videos since 2014 that are pretty easy to follow along. And since you’re going to be dancing around the house anyway, you might as well get a work out in. 

The Fitness Marshall also makes sure to include some fairly comical facial expressions. So if you start feeling self-conscious, at least you don’t look as silly as him. 

Fitness Blender

Boasting a frankly impressive array of workouts, Fitness Blender has over 500 videos that range from 10 minutes to an hour long. All of these workouts are for different skill levels and attention spans. The no frills or gimmicks approach to their workouts make the Fitness Blender very much a what you see if what you get sort of operation. That’s great if you just want to get down to business and put in some serious activity time.

Fitness Blender also is very clear on if you would need equipment for a particular workout and has a handy dandy counter. Though if you want something intense, like super intense, select a “Brutal” level video and hang on. 

Yoga with Adriene

If all the news about the coronavirus has got you down, then maybe it’s time to destress with yoga. Lucky for you, Yoga with Adriene is here to save the day and your anxiety. Adriene lives by the motto “find what feels good” and offers a ton of yoga videos to help you find what fits best for you. The channel runs a gamut of all sorts of yoga content so you can learn the proper position of the Downward Dog or figure out how to find your inner balance.

Adriene focuses mainly on using yoga to help deal with anxiety or migraines, but there is a lot more to reap by watching this channel.

Scott Herman Fitness

If lifting is more of your jam, then Scott Herman Fitness has you covered. Doing one of these will definitely get your swole rather than swelling in other ways (namely digging into your rations). Now you will need at home equipment for most of these workouts as that’s what many of the videos focus on. 

If you don’t have weights or heavy stuff to use at home, then don’t worry. Scott Herman Fitness also has videos on bodyweight exercises to get you that necessary workout in, such as getting that perfect plank form.

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