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Shivohaam, a fitness devotee, a visionary and a wellness life guide from India has played a pivotal role in training individuals and Bollywood celebrities in this transformative fitness regime. His unwavering dedication in spreading the message of holistic well-being, Shivohaam is now taking this mission to the global stage. His outlook towards fitness with wellbeing is proven game-changer in pursuit of a stronger, healthier and fitter lifestyle. From personalized fitness recommendations, expert guidance, and vital nutritional tips, Shivohaam’s fitness plans have all the ingredients to set a solid path to fitness excellence. 

“Shiva” symbolises strength, power and wisdom. Standing up with strength to present truth, power and wisdom to conquer the world with righteous things within is the Mantra of Shiva. “Shivohaam” the Maha Vakya in Sanskrit declares that we are nothing but Shiva, and here to flourish the world with our abilities. The sense of knowing ourself, finding the life goal and taking ahead our strength to welfare of society is Shivohaam. 

Shivohaam’s believes in exploration of various fitness categories which can motivate and inspire individuals at every stage and at every locality. While talking about global stature, Shivohaam wishes to educate and spread awareness to people. In expansion of his fitness plans and penetrate more Shivohaam has an exciting endeavour! He is launching multi-dimensional fitness Bootcamp. Talking more about these Bootcamp Shivohaam added, “Under the concept of bootcamps we are providing a comprehensive and holistic approach to helping individuals achieve their fitness goals. Starting a science-based health boot camp can have a positive impact on people’s lives by providing them with the knowledge, tools, and support they need to improve their health and well-being.”

Science Behind Shivohaam’s Bootcamp

Creating science-based fitness plans involves designing workout routines and strategies that are grounded in evidence from exercise physiology, nutrition science, and other relevant fields. 

Assessment and Goal Setting is the foremost step to utilise scientific concepts of fitness. It begins by understanding individual’s goals, fitness level, medical history, and any limitations. This helps tailor the plan to their specific needs. The scientific facts on which Shivohaam visualises his Bootcamp includes:

Exercise Selection: Choose exercises that target major muscle groups and align with the client’s goals. 

Periodization: Develop a periodized plan that alternates between different training phases (e.g., endurance, hypertrophy, strength, power). 

Nutrition Guidance: Provide nutritional recommendations that align with the individual’s goals and training intensity. Focus on balanced meals, proper hydration, and nutrient timing.

Mindfulness and Recovery: Incorporate stress reduction techniques, mindfulness practices, and adequate recovery strategies into the plan to support holistic well-being.

Educational Component: Educating peers about the science behind their fitness plan. This empowers them to make informed decisions and understand the rationale behind their workouts and nutrition.

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Creative Structured Program Without A Gym

Regardless of age, body type or body weight Shivohaam has created

workout routines that are scientifically designed for maximum effectiveness and safety. It includes a variety of exercises that cover fitness, strength training, flexibility, and balance. Designed creatively, it outlines the duration, frequency, and progression of the workouts. 

Set up a as user-friendly online platform participants can access workout videos, instructions, and all resources. This one-of-a-kind camp is designed to elevate physical competence while engaging creative spirit. Whether a fitness enthusiast, an artist, or simply looking to recharge, these comprehensive program promises a transformative experience. Shivohaam calls Bootcamp as Virtual Fitness Adventure, a dynamic and immersive online fitness camp that brings the excitement and results of a structured fitness camp right to aspirant’s place. These innovative and interactive experiences that combines effective workouts, Shivohaam’s guidance, and a supportive community are easily accessible from the comfort of your own space.

Experience the Class of Key Benefits 

While many of the benefits of fitness camps apply to both men and women, there might be some specific advantages that cater to the unique needs and preferences of each gender. The Bootcamp has classical key benefits of fitness camps for both men and women despite their physical and personal needs.

Benefits to Women:

Reduced Stiffness & Tension

Feel Energised and Productive

Drop Inches

Feel Stronger

Knock Off Stress

Improved Sleep

Mobility & Flexibility

Benefits to Men:

Very simple diets & exercises

Improve insulin sensitivity

Boost Testosterone

Knock Off Stress

Increase metabolism

Increase Strength

Mobility & Flexibility

Apart, Shivohaam and his wife Vrindda who is also a Mind Coach has integrated mindfulness practices such as meditation, deep breathing, and mindful stretching. These practices can help participants connect with their bodies, reduce stress, and enhance their overall experience.

These exercises will result into Positive Affirmations or Motivational Statements into workouts. This can help participants cultivate a positive mindset and enhance their overall experience.

Why this Bootcamp is the best fit for you?

Shivohaam’s expertise and his devotion towards health and welfare is the key constraint for his success. Bootcamp is strategized to reach everyone instead asking for gym visits. These are designed in a way where aspirants will be using their own body weight to train for each fitness level. There will be various stages pertaining to aspirant’s strength where they will get Beginners & Intermediate Training. A set of home workouts dedicated to get best outcome with hardly any equipment needed. The bootcamp will inspire aspirants to discover

how to lose weight naturally and sustain it without expensive food supplements. It will enlighten the path to achieve dream body. Stress free environment and comfort of home will be ideal to attain target weight and maintain it for life with a simple and sustainable approach. The Bootcamp at home is proposed to enhance the understanding of the correct balance of strength, functionality, cardio and core workouts. It will help to discover how body functions during exercise. As Shivohaam Says, “Train better, perform better and recover quicker.”

Here are few fitness enthusiasts testimonials about the benefits of Bootcamp

About Shivohaam

He began his journey as the owner and founder of India’s first CrossFit box in 2009.  He has trained some of India’s biggest celebrities, coaches, athletes, and thousands of fitness enthusiasts! He urges us to spread awareness and the importance of fitness and well-being around the world. His goal is to train and educate many more professionals and fitness enthusiasts persistently. Get fit with Shiv! His effective workouts give real results For A True Transformation! His work and success have made him reach greater heights. A few of his accolades include: 

  • Fitness Brand ambassador for Reebok India
  • Reebok master trainer for CrossFit in India (6 years)
  • Experienced CrossFit coach for the past 13 years
  • Fitness expert for a TV show: India’s Asli Champion with Mr. Suniel Shetty
  • Fitness expert & co-host for an online show called Shaadi-fit on Times Mx player
  • Winner of the Economic Times Fitness Excellence award
  • Brand ambassador for Avvatar Protein (3 years)
  • Celebrity Fitness coach to Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, Ranbir Kapoor, Jacqueline Fernandez, Abhishek Bachchan, Sushmita Sen, and Many More. 

To know more about Shivohaam, his fitness strategies, and his ideologies visit his Instagram page @ #Shivohaam

and his official webpage @ Shivohaamofficial

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