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Celebrity Fitness Coach Fritz Horstmann Launches Veganuary Challenge

Veganism was once frowned upon, but celebrities embracing the sustainable lifestyle share their choices with social media audiences, increasing its popularity. The difference between vegan and vegetarian lifestyles is that vegans eliminate the consumption of all animal products. 

Getting the correct nutrients can pose a challenge for vegans, but consuming a variety of minerals, vitamins, and proteins for a healthy balance is possible. The Veganuary Challenge, launched by the vegan fitness coach Fritz Horstmann, sets out to challenge the misconception that vegans can’t build muscle or eat delicious food.

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Vital Veganism Benefits

Reports of increased plant-based food sales indicate the number of vegans in the U.S. is rising steadily. Research suggests that the vegan lifestyle’s low fat and high nutrient consumption is proving to lower the risk of type 2 diabetes, improve heart health, and reduce the risk of cancer

Combining healthier eating with the benefits of a fitness routine appears to contribute to improved health and psychological wellbeing. Moby, Joaquin Phoenix, and Woody Harrelson, the strongest celebrity proponents of veganism, have been vegans for over thirty years. They are all very outspoken about the cruelty of killing other living beings and the treatment of farmed animals.

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Vegan Misconceptions

“There are several misconceptions around veganism and exercise, especially among very busy people,” according to Fritz Horstmann. “Their limited time means that they struggle to find a middle ground around the confusing opinions on what the perfect diet needs to include. 

They are also not convinced that they can build muscle on a plant-based diet. However, these are both easy to achieve!” According to Horstmann, it is easy for someone to get lost as they try to get everything right with their diet and exercise routine. 

For some people, the answer could be one-on-one training and guidance. Reaching fitness goals also requires a good dietary balance and a flexible approach. Attaining these goals is what the Veganuary Challenge is all about.

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Launching the Veganuary Challenge

Fritz Horstmann’s coaching as a fitness trainer and vegan nutrition advice is based on a holistic journey that anyone can adopt. His recent launch of the Veganuary challenge was to help more people realize that the journey to veganism can be a smooth one, even if tackled in stages.

Fritz Horstmann advises people wanting to embrace veganism to take it slowly. This could include cutting out animal foods in stages or adding a few vegan days to the week. The idea is to work up toward becoming completely vegan over time. He admits that the transition was to first turn to a vegetarian diet before choosing to embrace veganism completely.

As a skinny teen who struggled to gain muscle mass, the Berlin-born and raised Horstmann’s vegan diet helped him build his dream physique. This inspiration to change his diet to one excluding all the unhealthy foods he liked to consume came after reading a book by Dr. Michael Greger called How Not To Die.

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He managed to gain just over two stones of pure muscle after dumping all dairy and meat-based proteins. He admits that it was initially a struggle to find the right balance of foods for his newfound diet.

Fritz Horstmann inspires his thousands of followers to create satisfying vegan meals that meet their protein goals. One of his well-known clients, poker champion Daniel Negreanu, has followed Horstmann’s workout program and nutritional advice and boasts that he has managed to get the best body ever at 45.

Few people realize that a vegan lifestyle does not mean limited food options but includes a range of exciting vegetables, pulses, grains, and several meatless types of meat and their delicious combinations. Fritz Horstmann says, “These meals are both easy to make and will leave you glowing from the inside, unlike greasy and easy take-out foods.”

fritz horstmann

Final Take

Nimai Delgado and Fritz Horstmann both prove that even vegans can have the same bodybuilding and fitness results as those including animal fats in their diets. The Veganuary challenge means more than embracing a healthier lifestyle that includes exercise and a vegan diet; it is also about showing that we care for our planet and all other living creatures that share it with us. 

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