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3 DC Super Heroes That Aren’t Doing Yoga (But Probably Should)

During the past few years, yoga has become incredibly popular. Many people do yoga regularly, as it helps them with their strength, flexibility, and mobility. Many people have fallen in love with superheroes, particularly the DC comic books. There are lots of amazing superheroes in the DC stories, ranging from Wonder Woman to Superman and from Green Lantern to Aquaman. Even though superheroes are powerful, they can still benefit from yoga. Who are a few DC superheroes that aren’t doing yoga, and why should they consider giving yoga a try? There are a few essential points to keep in mind.

1. Superman

Any list of the best superheroes has to start with Superman. He is someone who can do just about everything. He spends all of his time sacrificing himself to save others. He always fights for what is right, is powerful beyond anything we can measure, and has survived decades of industry changes. Some superheroes are more intelligent than others, and others are better at fighting than others. Superman is someone who can do just about everything.

Even though these are reasons that made him great, they are also why he does not do yoga. He has spent decades fighting for others; yoga wasn’t popular decades ago. Therefore, he is unlikely to try it. Furthermore, he believes that he is more intelligent and stronger than anybody else, so why should he spend his time doing yoga? Speaking of time, he spends way too much time helping others. He doesn’t have time to do yoga.

At the same time, we have seen in superhero novels that Superman is not invincible. He can get hurt from time to time, which is one of the biggest reasons he should do yoga. He is also frequently stretched to his mental limits, and yoga could relieve stress. Therefore, Superman should consider doing yoga in the future. 

2. Green Lantern

Green Lantern is another of the most popular superheroes in the DC novels. His only limitation is his imagination. He gets his power from the green power ring and can create anything he can imagine. For example, if he needs to make a giant stick, he can do so. If he needs to build a supercomputer that can do just about anything, he can create it.

Because he can feel just about anything, he probably doesn’t need to do yoga. After all, if he needs something, he can make it. Because he thinks he can do just about anything using his Green Lantern ring, he probably doesn’t need to do yoga. At the same time, we have seen that Green Lantern is not invincible, which is another reason he should also do yoga.

Doing a few stretches here and there probably wouldn’t hurt him. It would also make him less dependent on the ring, giving him more confidence in his abilities. It would be interesting to see Green Lantern do some yoga. 

3. Aquaman

Finally, another one of the most recognizable DC superheroes is Aquaman. Most people are familiar with Aquaman. He lives in the ocean, he can communicate with animals, and he gets them to do his bidding. Aquaman is an impressive superhero who can quickly get himself in and out of difficult situations.

The biggest reason why he does not do yoga is that he lives in the water. Have you ever tried to do yoga in the ocean? You may have difficulty holding your poses. On the other hand, swimming can be exhausting. Even though it is easier for Aquaman, he probably feels sore sometimes, particularly when he gets beat up in a fight. Therefore, he has another DC superhero that could benefit from yoga. 

Consider Giving Yoga a Try

These are just a few examples of superheroes in the DC comic books who may benefit from yoga. Even though yoga is not something that makes a frequent appearance in superhero novels, perhaps it should. Many of us base our lives on what we see in superhero stories, and if more people see superheroes doing yoga, they might be willing to try yoga as well. Remember that yoga is a great way to increase your strength and reduce your chances of getting hurt in the future. You can look at a few gyms in your area to see if they offer trial yoga classes. 


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