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Will the latest IndieDirect give us the 'Hollow Knight: Silksong" release date we so crave? Laugh at the Tweets that aren't quite sure about it.

Could ‘Hollow Knight: Silksong’ finally get a release date today?

In 2017, the indie game Hollow Knight was released for PC before heading over to consoles like Nintendo Switch, PS4, and XBox One. In the game, you play a nameless knight, who traverses an ancient plague infected kingdom known as Hallownest. Of course, as you progress, you unlock more abilities, fight bosses, and learn more about the story.

To the shock of no one, a sequel for the game Hollow Knight: Silksong was announced back in 2019. Since then, however, we’ve heard very limited information on that front. So anytime that there’s an announcement of any sort in the video game world, people immediately think that “maybe we’ll get a Silksong release date”. Guess what time of year it is again? Silksong release speculation time.

Now, to be a hundred percent fair, the trailer, which is going on two years old, does a lot to build up the hype for Hollow Knight: Silksong. Look at how cool things look here! The gameplay looks amazing. The design is still the gorgeous 2D animation for the platformer gameplay. What’s not to love about Silksong?

Mainly people are asking about if it will get a release date tomorrow. Let’s take a look at what Twitter is saying about that, shall we? 

Prepare to be disappointed

Who is ready to get no news on Silksong’s release date? We are! 

Cue up the circus music

Who is ready to be a clown? 

The people want what the people want

Literally, Silksong news of any sort. Release date or not is what the people want.

Virtual table flip time?

Some people are . . . tired about Silksong being the only focus for these sorts of events.

Consider this

Wouldn’t quit your job, bro. Because you need money to buy Silksong on its release date.

Clown wigs up

There is no hope alive in the Silksong fandom.

C’mon Satan do use a solid

Yes. When in doubt, use Satan.

It’s a proven fact to get that Silksong release date

Seriously, black magic always helps in getting your deepest desires.

Do you, Twitter

And yet Twitter continues on every time an IndieDirect is announced

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