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The Game Awards 2020 was held on Thursday, Dec. 10. Here are the best trailers and announcements that came out of The Game Awards 2020.

Forget the winners: All the Game Awards trailers and news you need

The Game Awards 2020 was held on Thursday, Dec. 10. The annual awards show, hosted by Canadian game journalist Geoff Keighley, honored the best in video games during 2020. The awards have been showing on since 2014, but this year the event didn’t have a live audience. Instead, it streamed on forty five different platforms.

There was a long list of awards given out at the show. The Last of Us Part II were awarded seven of them, including Game Of The Year. Celebrity appearances at The Game Awards included Gal Gadot, Keanu Reeves, Brie Larson, Tom Holland and Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam. 

But The Game Awards aren’t just about awards & celebrities. Some of the best highlights that kept the show interesting and kept viewers on the edges of their seats were the celebrity appearances, trailers to new games, and announcements about upcoming additions to games. Here is a list of some of the best trailers and announcements that came out of The Game Awards 2020.

Master Chief joins Fortnite

The news was leaked a few days ago, but the news was announced at The Game Awards anyways. Master Chief from Halo is now a playable character in Fortnite. Characters from The Walking Dead will also be added in the near future.

A new map in Among Us

Among Us, a popular multiplayer game on smartphones & PC, got a new map. This means more areas to explore and more to do. The airship map will be available in early 2021.

Trailer for It Takes Two

An upcoming game coming out in March 2021, It Takes Two, was showcased at The Game Awards. The game was developed by Hazelight and will be available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and PC.

This cooperative play game needs two players. Each player takes on one of the characters, Cody & May. Cody & May are two humans who were turned into dolls by a magic spell. Players need to go through a number of fun gameplay challenges to salvage Cody & May’s broken relationship.

Debut of a pop group

The Game Awards featured a number of musical performances. One of them was actually an announcement for a game called We Are OFK. The interactive story game will come out sometime next year and follows the lives of four friends who make a pop group together.

Trailer for Open Roads

During The Game Awards, the upcoming game Open Roads was revealed. It was developed by Fullbright, which also developed Gone Home. Open Roads will launch sometime next year.

The game’s story follows Tess & Opal, who go on a road trip together and uncover many family secrets.

New Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC Fighter

A new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC fighter was announced during The Game Awards. Nintendo revealed the character is Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII

A few hours before The Game Awards started, Nintendo announced a new character would be revealed. No hints were given, though, so fans had to guess. They guessed quite a number of characters, but Sephiroth was an unexpected surprise.

Debut game from The Initiative

Microsoft’s studio, The Initiative, was established in 2018. Before The Game Awards last night, no one knew much about the secrets from the studio. However, at the awards, The Initiative announced its first game. 

The game is a reboot of the video game series Perfect Dark, which first debuted for the Nintendo 64 in 2000. Other than that, there’s not much else known about the game yet.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator is a game that debuted several months ago for Microsoft operating systems. Next summer, the popular game will be available on Xbox consoles with next generation hardware. The game allows players to pretend they are flying a real plane over a detailed landscape.

Return of Mass Effect

The Mass Effect franchise got a new teaser trailer during The Game Awards. There’s not much known about what the trailer means or any details related to the game. The teaser was a short clip with the words “Mass Effect will continue” at the end.

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