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Kids love video games, but there should always be time for learning. Combine teachable moments with fun with our picks for the best educational games!

Make learning fun with these free educational games for kids

Growing up in 2020 is far different than how we grew up. Instead of begging parents to let us go outside and play around the neighborhood with friends, these days, the little ones are begging us to let them use our tablets, computers, or televisions. While we don’t want to completely deprive them of fun from technology, we have to admit we don’t want them to become obsessed with mindless entertainment. 

However, we’re here to remind you that there’s plenty of pros with technology, and it offers more than just mindless entertainment as long as you take advantage of it correctly. Next time your kids ask you to use the computer, why not compromise and ask them to play an educational online game instead? 

Getting your kids to look forward to learning may sound impossible, but some of these free educational games online don’t even feel or look like homework. Thanks to technology, learning can be fun, and we’ll prove it to you if you don’t believe us. Check out these games your kids can try out here, and soon they’ll be having a blast while also learning valuable skills simultaneously. 


Looking for some educational games that will teach your kids how to type well? In this day and age, having typing skills and being technologically knowledgeable is pretty much a necessary skill for most occupations. Why not have your little ones practice how to type so they can get better and build up that WPM? 

Typetastic is the perfect game for this, and it’s completely free. What’s best is that they have three levels ranging from preschoolers all the way to elementary kids and high schoolers, so even your older kids can get some practice in. Typetastic is able to turn typing into a fun and adventurous game, and we’re sure your kids will enjoy it. 

Animal Jam

Customizing animals and adopting adorable pets? Yes, we promise you we’re still listing educational games, but this one is truly just as fun as it is beneficial for your children. This game is an online virtual world recommended for children ages seven through twelve. 

What’s educational about this game is that while children have fun adopting cute little pets, they can also learn tons of cool facts relating to zoology through its mini-games, puzzles, adventures, parties, and other social interactions. We also assure you that the game is completely safe, and also completely free. So what are you waiting for? Your kids are going to love this one.

PBS Kids Games

Going on this site will give you an overflow of fun educational games for your children. PBS Kids has tons of browser-based games based on popular children’s literary and media franchises ranging from The Cat in the Hat, Curious George, Sesame Street, and tons more. It’s also perfectly organized to your liking as well. 

If you’re a parent, you can choose a specific subject that you would like your child to work on, whether it is math, healthy habits, science, reading, or teamwork. What’s best is that your little ones will probably barely be aware that they’re even learning (although we assure you that they will be), as these games are super fun. 


This is a game that can be played by the kids, but it’s also well-loved by adults at the same time. Who knows? Maybe both you and your child will become obsessed with this game and compete a bit on who’s better? 2048 plays out as a fun math puzzle. The goal is to move the tiles around on a grid, merging equal tiles together to double the value into one tile. 

As tiles increase in value, the eventual goal is to create a tile equivalent to 2048. No less, no more than 2048. This one will definitely get your child’s logical brain running while also being incredibly entertaining at the same time. However, this one is definitely for the older children, not your five-year-old preschooler. 

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