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If you want your kids to keep busy, then here are some of our picks for the best free online games for kids to play in quarantine.

The best online games for kids to play this quarantine

For many parents across the US right now, they find themselves having to play multiple roles during the COVID-19 pandemic. From having to play teacher to keeping the kids sane, it’s a pretty difficult balance. No one would blame you, parent reading this, if you just wanted your kids to be entertained while you handle whatever needs doing around the house. Best way? Usually a game of some sort. 

If you want your kids to keep busy, then here are some of our picks for the best free online games for kids to play in quarantine. So take a look and make a pick, who knows? Maybe they’ll even learn something too.

Sago Mini Friends

Sago Mini Friends is a great game to help teach your child about the importance of empathy. It’s also a game that helps encourage creative thinking and puzzle-solving as well. In this game, available on Android and iOS, the player selects a colorful character who then explores cartoon houses.

Each house presents a new challenge from dress-up to making a birdhouse with another person on a playdate. And if the player character isn’t being nice to their new friend, then they’ll get upset. So if you want to take a lesson on sharing, then maybe give Sago Mini Friends a try. 

Fruit Ninja

Not every game on this is going to be educational in some way. Some are just such fun and easy time wasters that it’ll keep the kiddo distracted while you try to fold laundry. Fruit Ninja turns your finger into a digital sword as you cut fruit in two and try to avoid slicing a bomb. 

Fruit Ninja is the kind of game that you fiddle with for what you think is five minutes and then look up and realize that an hour is past. And if you have multiple kids, then there is a multiplayer mode so they can go head to head.


Tired of any and all fighting going on in your house? Just want the kids to work together? Give them Spaceteam to force them to work together or risk being blown up. Not literally, of course. In Spaceteam, you’re a crew of a spaceship who is trying to outrun an exploding star. Easy enough, right?

Well while instructions may appear to one play, another will have the controls. This forces cooperation amongst the game players. Or, you know, heat death by an exploding star. No one wants that.

Contre Jour

This physics puzzle game is about getting your protagonist Petit to the glowing light. As you manipulate the landscape full of malleable hills, catapults, and tentacles to help him get to his goal. It’s also a very pretty game in an almost deceptively simple way. So this is definitely a good bonding game for parents and kids to enjoy.

Plus Petit is so endearingly grumpy, you can’t help but love him.

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