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TikTok's newest trend is 'Bridgerton' themed fashions and we can't wait to start thrifting to join in on the fun.

TikTok is living for ‘Bridgerton’: See the trend sparked by the show

People love to dress up. And it’s especially fun when you can find a way to dress up while seemingly wearing an “everyday” outfit. There have been internet trends like this before: closet cosplays where you dress up as a character using only what’s already in your wardrobe, or the popular act of Disneybounding where people create modern looks that resemble popular Disney characters when going to a Disney theme park.

If you love this kind of trend just as much as we do, then we have a treat for you. TikTok is just as obsessed with Bridgerton as the rest of us and they’ve created the next hit fashion trend – regency core. Some are calling it royalty core, but that’s technically not a new trend. Royalty core’s been around for quite a while though it has seen a boost in popularity since Bridgerton stole everyone’s hearts.

Regency core videos are filled with people taking normal everyday clothes and putting them together to create modernized outfits inspired by 1800s fashions. The outfits are sometimes shockingly spot-on, fun, creative, and occasionally a little sexy. Here are our favorite regency core videos from TikTok.


#stitch @g.mcmillan I got you queen ✨how else would you style this? #regencycore #bridgerton #fashion2021

♬ Wildest Dreams – Duomo

More on the trend

Want to bring all this stuff back in style? It’s just as easy as saying, yes I do think I’ll wear lace gloves today. TikTok user thealgorythm gives a quick explainer on how the trend existed before Bridgerton and how it actually doesn’t have to be hard for all of us to live out our royalty core dreams on the daily.


Love #bridgerton ? Here’s how to get that look everyday! @netflix #regencycore #regency #regencyfashion #regencyera #fashion #fyp

♬ Girls Like You – Vitamin String Quartet

Closet cosplay

Remember how we mentioned closet cosplay? Well, TikTok user asta.darling decided to do just that for some of her favorite Bridgerton characters and outfits. (Whether she actually pulled all of this out of her closet or ordered some of this online we don’t know, but we love it anyway.)


#stitch with @terrydactyl_ #regencyfashion #cottagecore #regencyromance #cottagecoreaesthetic #fashion

♬ original sound – cafededuy

Not just for women

Yes men, this trend can be for you too! Women will soon be swooning before you if you have the courage to wear such an amazingly embroidered vest in public.


not 100% accurate but unfortunately I don’t have a closet full of regency era clothing 🥲 #bridgerton #royaltycore

♬ Wildest Dreams – Duomo

If I were a Bridgerton

TikTok user romneyellen has stunned us with her perfect modern-day Bridgerton family outfits. That first blue dress with the rosettes on top? Oh, we’d wear this in a heartbeat!

If you’re getting into royalty core for the general aesthetic and not just Bridgerton we highly recommend perusing through more of romneyellen’s videos because she has all kinds of fun videos, and even a few recommendations on how to start styling your own wardrobe into a royalty core dream.


An empire waist dress is a must! #bridgerton #bridgertonnetflix #bridgertonfashion #regencyfashion #regencyera #regencydress

♬ Wildest Dreams – Duomo

Floral fun

User layersofchic hopped in on the trend with her own version of modern-day Bridgerton outfits with a fun floral number accessorized with a fabulous pearl headband that we just can’t get enough of.


What kind of song should I write next? Let me know in the comments ✨💜 #bridgertonmusical #fyp

♬ original sound – Abigail Barlow

Bonus video

While this isn’t regency core or royalty core there is a whole other fantastic Bridgerton-themed series happening on TikTok that we’re completely obsessed with. TikTok user abigailbarlowww has been creating songs for Bridgerton the musical. The above video is a song she wrote for Eloise and honestly we’re living for it. We can’t stop singing it to ourselves.

So what do you think of regency core? Are you set to start adding puffy sleeves and florals to your closet to get in on it like we are? Let us know in the comments!

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