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"Keep the Bugs Out of My Soup!!!" is a brand new cartoon from Tyrone Evans Clark. Learn why you and your family are going to fall in love with it.

You and your kids will love Tyrone Evans Clark’s new cartoon

Animated films give children a special place to envision themselves and live out their fantasies, and the best of them even manage to send a message to the adults in the room. A new animated project from the creative mind of Tyrone Evans Clark is delightfully opening a path for animation to speak to children of color more fully. “Keep the Bugs Out of My Soup!!!” is fun, funny, and impactful.

The project is an animated cartoon following Onnie the witch. Voiced by Clark himself, Onnie the witch is a complicated character with a straightforward problem. She’s trying to brew up a magical soup when a swath of bugs begins to pester her. The narrative is open to children of all ages, but there’s enough going on under-the-surface that you’ll be entranced right alongside your little ones.

It’s not every day that a new cartoon character makes her way into the world, and we certainly imagine that Onnie will be here to stay. Before you get the chance to experience “Keep the Bugs Out of My Soup!!!” yourself, why not take a look behind the scenes and get to know the mind behind the magic? We’ve got the latest details for you right here.

Tyrone Evans Clark

“Keep the Bugs Out of My Soup!!!” was created by the award winning entertainer Tyrone Evans Clark. If that name sounds familiar, it’s probably because Clark has been just about everywhere in recent years. He’s worked on projects like 2019’s Homeless Sam and Sally and it’s 2020 movie, Netflix’s Velvet Buzzsaw and Magic for Humans, Lifetime’s Seatbelt Psychic, BET’s Running Out of Time, MTV’s Flex on My Ex, Fox’s Phone Swap, and so much more.

Prior to those projects, Tyrone Evans Clark worked at Disney Interactive. That worked opened his eyes to the lack of cartoons made for children of color and inspired him to create “Keep the Bugs Out of My Soup!!!”. Clark is the founder of the production company TEC, Inc., and his character Onnie the witch is the company’s cartoon mascot. The company, like Clark himself, is just getting warmed up.

The power of animation

TEC Inc.’s first animated cartoon is “Keep the Bugs Out of My Soup!!!” starring Onnie the witch (voiced by Tyrone Evans Clark). Onnie lives out a wonderfully entertaining tale as she struggles to make a magical soup while being pestered by a swarm of bugs. At the same time, she’s breaking ground as a cartoon character designed with children of color in mind.

Tyrone Evans Clark beautifully summed up the message of his project by saying he hopes “little people of color can see themselves in this cartoon, but also realize there is nothing wrong with the way you look. Beauty comes in all shades of the rainbow, period!” The cartoon is skillfully animated and voiced with excellence. It’s sure to entertain you and your kids, but it’s also doing so much more.

“Keep the Bugs Out of My Soup!!!” couldn’t be arriving at a better time. Make sure to get this cartoon to any of the children in your life.

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