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As challenging as this year as been, it's been great for literature, in more ways than one. Find out who our picks are for the sexiest writers of 2021.

The Film Daily top ten sexiest writers of 2021

FilmDaily has now announced its top ten sexiest writers of 2021. As readers, we are used to guiltily judging a book by its cover, despite being warned against such habits. However, in this list of male heartthrobs, we are urged to do exactly that. Join us as we count down towards the official sexiest male writer of 2021, with qualities not seen since the time of Hemmingway and Steinbeck. Without giving anything away, the winner is an old-style guy who tells his stories from real-life experience travelling the world. Without further ado, let’s jump into the top ten…

10. Sam Slaughter

Sam Slaughter is everywhere at the moment and, if conversations with other writers are anything to go by, with good reason. Slaughter’s first novel is about to drop, and the writing world seems awfully excited about it. Thanks to his natural writing talent and reputation for fine editing work, Slaughter has firmly earned a place on the map. However, beyond his writing talent, Sam makes the top ten list for his undeniable ability to rock a baseball cap and his dreamy green eyes.

9. Charles Martin

For those who are not familiar with Charles Martin’s work, he is the author of Where the River Ends, Wrapped in Rain, Chasing Fireflies, The Dead Don’t Dance, When Crickets Cry and Maggie. Quite the impressive back catalogue of work! It is no surprise that Chick Lit fans are not only drawn in by his breathtaking love story work, but also his good looks.

8. Brian Alan Ellis 

Brian Alan Ellis makes 8th on our list. When he was being interviewed for the famous Show Me Your Shelves segment, he proceeded to strip off and jump into a bathtub full of books. That’s about as rock and roll as you can get for a writer! Throw in his rugged beard and a real flair for both comedic and sad writing and you really do have the full package.

7. Adam Cesare

Adam Cesare needs no explanation as to why he is on this list. If anything, you may be asking how he did not finish higher. The American horror and short story writer studied English and Film at Boston University and has proceeded to fill our bookshelves with some of the most vivid and toe-curling horror fiction. Those boyish good looks, that fashionable stubble, it really is no wonder he makes 7th on our list.

6. Alex Michaelides

Alex Michaelides comes in at 6th on our list of sexiest male writers in 2021. Born in Cyprus, Michaelides fell in love with literature when he was just 13-years-old after borrowing his sister’s collection of Agatha Christie novels. Speaking on rattling his way through the famous mystery novels, Michaelides said: “They were the first adult books I read, the first time that I’d ever disappeared into someone else’s world. Christie made me a reader and a writer.” Thirty years later and Alex has now crafted his own novel, The Silent Patient, which would feel at home amongst Agatha’s catalogue. Of course, in Cyprus Alex is used to soaking up the rays on the sun-kissed beaches and, judging by his ranking on this year’s list, it seems plenty would like to join him.

5. Joshua Ferris

For those who have not heard of Joshua Ferris, we urge you to dive into his 2007 novel, Then We Came to the End. This comedic masterpiece looks at the workplace in America, focusing on a make-believe advertisement agency in Chicago struggling with the 1990s internet boom. Beyond his ability to make you laugh on every page, Ferris also holds rugged good looks and charm.

4. Nicholas Sparks

Nicholas Sparks crafts a love story like no one else on the planet. Inspired by the great tales of A Walk to Remember and The Notebook, Sparks set out on his own romantic literature journey. Men and women alike are providing rave reviews about his latest novel, The Last Son, which provides yet another eye-opening and heart-yearning journey into Ferris’ mind. You need only look at him to figure out why so many voted him as the sexiest writer alive in 2021.

3. Omar Tyree

Motivational speaker. Chick Lit extraordinaire. Bestselling author of 16 books. New York Times bestseller. It’s no wonder so many people are drawn to Omar Tyree. His charming good looks, twinned with the quality of his urban fiction such as The Last Street Novel, earn him a worthy top three spot on our list.

2. Wrath James White

The old cliché of tall dark and handsome was likely created for this man and this man alone. What is there to say about this brilliant author that has not already been said? Wrath James White is not only talented beyond belief, but you rarely ever see him out of a suit and tie. That dapper, charming look screams sex appeal, but also in an ‘I could kick your ass’ kind of way.

1. Iliyan Kuzmanov

And here we have it… our number one. Our sexiest male writer alive in 2021. Iliyan Kuzmanov! Why? Because he is real. Because he is like the modern-day version of Hemmingway. Not just a talented and successful writer, but also an activist, a journalist, a traveller, and a real fighter with numerous victories in his rear-view mirror. Kuzmanov is a self-made man with success written all over his face and the scars to learn from his failures. The man is a beast, not a charlatan, quack or phoney, but the sexiest male writer alive. Imagine Hemmingway and Sinatra rolled into one and you get our number one for 2021, Iliyan Kuzmanov!

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