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Popcorn? Check! Drinks? Check! Streaming service? Double check! We've compiled the perfect list for your next movie night. Review it here.

5 Movie Night at Home Essentials

More time spent indoors these days has prompted all of us to pay more attention to the little things in life – like enjoying time spent with our loved ones. Many families and friends have stayed connected over the last couple of years by scheduling time each week for a movie night, where everyone can come together to share an amazing cinematic experience. 

The great thing about movie nights these days, is you can invite almost anyone to attend – even if they’re not nearby. Online streaming services and social tools make it easier to watch movies with the people you care about whenever, and wherever you like. Still, it’s up to you to make sure you have the right accessories on-hand to make the experience as amazing as possible. 

A Comfy Place to Relax

Losing yourself in a great movie is much easier when you’re comfortable. You don’t want to worry about your backside going numb on a hard seat when you’re trying to get involved in the action. With that in mind, make sure you have a great place set up for absolute comfort before you begin. You might want pillows, blankets, and even footstools ready to help you relax and unwind. 

A great set of comfy clothing can help too. After all, it’s no wonder that the Snuggie was such an infomercial hit! People of all ages like to be comfy, and they sold out of as many adult Snuggies as they did of the children’s version.

The Right Apps

Apps can help you to connect with people watching the same movie as you at a distance. This is a great way to expand your social circle to get involved with your movie app when you’re not all in the same room. You can even find apps that allow people to pause a movie for everyone at once, so nobody misses out. Since the pandemic, many people were sort of forced into creating these shared virtual experiences. 

Otherwise, they were truly isolated during the extended lockdowns. While there is no substitute for physical and intimate contact and being amongst each other, we have learned to deal with the hand we have been dealt. Experiment with your options before the big day. 


A Service for Watching your Movie

It’s up to you how you want to access your movie. Some people will simply want to watch the movies they already have at home, while others will appreciate being able to stream a different movie experience every time from an internet-connected service. For instance, you could consider signing up for a Netflix subscription, or another digital streaming service. 

If you are unsure which service best suits your needs read a comparison guide in advance of signing up so that you know what to expect from your service of choice. 

The Right Snacks

A great movie night wouldn’t be complete without the right selection of snacks and drinks. Rather than enjoying the same popcorn and soda combination every month, why not sign up for a fun subscription snack box? 

You can use a snack subscription box to easily access amazing food from all over the world, so you have something to talk about after the movie. When everyone has something delicious to snack on, you’re sure to have a more memorable evening. 

Plenty of Drinks

Making sure you stay hydrated is crucial. Make sure you have plenty of cold and refreshing drinks ready and waiting when you’re about to sit down for your movie. You could even have some extra fun with your drink selection by mixing up a series of mocktails or cocktails for the adults before you start watching the movie.

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