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Let’s guide you through some of the most unusual geographic locations on Earth and explain the oddities that make them stand out.

Bring the beach to your home year-round with these aesthetic boards

Beaches are fascinating. It’s not only the rich sand – soft as soil fresh from the rain – the lush greenery looking like newly touched-up afros, or the nice toasty sun that sometimes brings a rainbow or two – it’s the gigantic ocean stretching across the globe. It’s a clear example of the aesthetics of earth. 

Earth is purely nature’s art, and natural art often has a way of relaxing us and enhancing our moods. There’s just something about nature’s scenery that can make it easier to be & stay happy. Vacations are the perfect times to explore the alluring wonders of Earth, but we can’t always afford the costs. 

Beaches also seem to be the home of summer, the edge of lands. The cool thing about photographs is that for just a tiny moment, they stop time and you can save that time. Through pictures, you save whatever moment in time you want and take it with you wherever you go. And aesthetic boards are no different. 

Save a piece of this summer and all the seasons of the beach through these magnificent boards!


A thalassophile is a lover of the sea, someone who could delve in the ocean endlessly. They see it as a live serene portrait about love & calamity. All the pictures composing the thalassophile beach board have a real gloomy aura like an afternoon in Seattle. 

But this gloom certainly doesn’t subside any beauty. The board’s aesthetic is clear in every way. In just one word, it describes who you are as a beach lover and presents the sea as a gloomy but happy enchantment. 

You’ll see somebody flowing through the soft water which may bring you to thoughts of its simple flow. Maybe it could help you turn your focus away from the stresses of life and feel at ease like the boulder rocks along the sea. The boulder rocks get splashed all the time with heavy waves, yet they stay calm like mountains.

Imagine yourself reading a great book on a beautifully gloomy beach. You could listen to the calm ocean waters while you’re captivated by the world inside the paper, and the scent of the ocean. 

It may be difficult to imagine all that by yourself, but pictures can put you there and they never have to go away. 

Sail Over The World

The beach can be the perfect place to read a book. Sometimes, it can feel like the ocean is listening to your story, even if you’re reading in your head. So, let’s brighten the ocean up a bit!

Beneath a sky white as the moon and bright as the sun, you could see the clear blue waters finely complementing the beaming sand like nature’s fashion statement. The crowd of seagulls are beginning their flight, but where to? They’re leaving behind their shadows in the warm shiny sand. The palm trees are looking over you. 

See yourself in the aesthetic board. Imagine you’re the person beneath that umbrella, but what will you be doing? Eating fish fresh from that very ocean? Reading an intense book? Maybe you see yourself in that plane, sailing over the world and your destination is some other beach along another fantastic ocean. 

Sunshine on my Mind

The mere shade of pink could bring up the image of those city sunsets when the skies remind you of bubble gum for their pink and blue shades. The Sunshine on my Mind board can help you picture your own pink & blue day on the beach.

The pink clouds rising from the lush greenery and slathered behind the palm trees, over the dark blue waters by vivid sands. You could see yourself sitting inside the pink flamingo while you float upon the waters. Are you listening to your music? Are you watching a movie?

Aesthetic beach boards allow you to take whatever beach experience you want with you wherever you live. You’re never too far away to enjoy the beauties of Planet Earth. Do you have any more ideas for beach scenery or boards? Let us know in the comments!

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