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They teach you everything – from brushstrokes to water paint, digital and designs. Here are a few of our favorite art channels on YouTube!

Need to release your inner artist? Subscribe to these YouTube art channels

Lately, YouTube has become a go-to resource for any information one needs. It’s also the hub for a large library of tutorials, ranging from school subjects & questions to recipes & even how-tos on basic chores. In another blessed corner of the video streaming website, we now have art classes. 

They teach you everything – from brushstrokes to fluid art, digital art, and designs. And you get a whole lot of choices to pick from, too, depending on whether you want beginner level, intermediate guidance, or pro-level tips & tutorials. Here are a few of our favorite art channels on YouTube.


Founded in 2012, Proko is run by Stan Prokopenko, an artist & teacher at the Watts Atelier of the Arts, California. Proko is a resource for artists to get good art instruction videos. In his own words, Proko tutorials are made “entertaining while keeping them educational”. 

It covers a lot, from the basics of drawing & anatomy to tips from experts. The videos have an exacting detail on the tips shared & other categories of videos include his own technique in action. Prokopenko is a lively instructor & the comprehensive nature of the tutorials is enough to inspire you into some art action. 

Bobby Chiu

Run by the Canadian artist Bobby Chiu, this channel contains “interviews, vblogging, demos . . .  anything and everything that’s helpful for any artist.” The channel lives up to this profile. We find more in-depth art discussions, demonstrations, live streams, interviews with fellow artists . . . as against tutorials. 

So if you want to immerse yourself in the world of art, you may want to set some time aside for a little Bobby Chiu each day. Bobby Chiu is also the co-Owner of Imaginism Studios & of Schoolism, an Emmy-winning creator of Niko and the Sword of Light.

Emmy Kalia

Emmy Kalia is a self-taught pencil artist & designer living in the Netherlands. On her channel, she shares her creative process in all its bareness: with both tutorials & time-lapse videos of her pencil drawings & watercolor paintings. She creates some of the most photorealistic images using graphite & for a serious artist with a knack for this technique, this can be extremely motivating. 

In fact, if you were feeling intimidated by the prospect of venturing into something like this yourself, nothing is better than the breakdown of her process. Even for the non-artists, it’s very soothing to see the photos come together.

Mark Crilley

From the published author/illustrator of more than forty books, including Mastering Manga, Brody’s Ghost, and The Drawing Lesson, this channel brings us how-to-draw videos on every conceivable subject. Most of these videos hover around the larger themes of manga & anime styles, more specifically, around the principles that these art forms require. 

The channel has the best of both worlds: it also features many time-lapse videos of Mark’s process, fun tidbits like speed challenges, and tips on narrative styles too. He’s created quite a community around his work & any aspiring artist will find merit in being a part of this community. 

Draw with Razza

This YouTube channel is owned by Josiah Brooks, an Australian artist & features new content every week, like tutorials, speed paintings, streams, competitions, art challenges. His focus is on animation & cartoon styles, so if you’re thinking of setting up an Instagram to put up your artistic output, his YouTube art channel might be the most useful. 

He even shares the tricky aspects, like creating an optical illusion, which may not be obvious. Who doesn’t love the democratization of artistic tricks & tips? 

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