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Are you a freelance photographer? Do you want to be? Here's the best places to travel to for that perfect picture!

World’s Most Beautiful Travel Destinations for Freelance Photographers

Rare are the people who would say no to travel. Visiting other countries and getting to know different cultures while resting and having fun is an activity we all love from the bottom of our hearts. Also, there’s one more activity closely related to traveling that this social media obsession imposed on us — photography. After all, what’s your trip worth if you don’t post at least one photo of it?

Now, some people have managed to combine these two exciting activities and earn money practicing them. Yes, we’re talking about freelance photographers who travel the world, take photos, and live their best life. 

However, some destinations are more photogenic than others, so photographers should think carefully before booking their next trip, and some of the best ideas are listed right here on this page.

New Zealand

While it’s always wise for freelance photographers to have a freelance contract template ready if an interesting photoshoot comes up, this won’t be necessary when taking photos of beautiful New Zealand. 

Gorgeous vineyards, beaches, and horses can be found across enchanting New Zealand landscapes, while Hobbiton is a stop you shouldn’t miss for the world.

New York

If you want photos representing a textbook example of an urban city, New York is the place to go. Huge skyscrapers, yellow taxis, and streets full of people are the Big Apple’s main traits, and this city must be on your list if you want to portray the modern lifestyle. 

Also, NY offers legendary spots for photoshoots such as the Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, and the Statue of Liberty, all of which are most often found on the photos people like to see hanging on their apartment walls.


For more zen-like photos, skip the city lights and go to a Caribbean paradise. Mexico has always been a dream destination for lovers of both traveling and photography. Apart from being home to one of the Seven Wonders of the World, this country provides access to many beautiful beaches, natural water pools called cenotes, and more. 

If you want to find a wellness retreat and have a proper vacation, you can use the zing platform to locate the best options in Mexico and take spectacular photos of your experience.


Is there a country more photogenic than Italy? Every city there has its own story, as well as unique locations that you should definitely photograph. Think of the canals in Venice, the Colosseum in Rome, or those colorful villages in Cinque Terre, to mention but a few. For professional freelance photographers, Italy is like a true paradise. 

Plus, this is a country where fashion plays an important role, so traveling there increases your chances of finally photographing stunning models in high-end clothes. So, if you are planning to travel to Rome and wish to be free from any other distractions caused due to extra belongings, you can opt for luggage storage rome, and get going with your work.


If you think that Peru is only good for adventurers who like hiking, discard that thought immediately. Peru is fantastic for photography, thanks to many inspiring attractions. Obviously, Machu Picchu is the first place you’d go to, and you can rest assured it’ll inspire you to take photos of it from every possible angle.

Other than that, Peru will provide encounters with Rainbow Mountain, Laguna Humantay, and other places that will take your breath away.


Finally, if you’re a freelance photographer, Japan is a must-see destination. This part of the world is entirely different from anything you will ever see and hides many corners where your photography skills can shine.

The best season to visit Japan is spring, as cherry blossoms look amazing in photos. Additionally, if you manage to include Mount Fuji or any of the hot springs spread around the country, your photo gallery will be priceless.

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  • As a photographer & travel industry professional promoting responsible travel to the Peruvian Amazon rainforest living in Cusco, Peru, I can second the vote for Peru. Don’t forget the rainforest – a challenging photography environment which can be tough on equipment over longer periods, but ultimately rewarding – a macro & bird photographer’s dream. For mammals be prepared for fleeting moments of opportunity in extremely low light so keep that ISO up at a 1600 minimum & aperture wide open. The dry & rainy seasons each offer different photo opps so plan your visit carefully.

    April 16, 2021

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