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As travel opens up again, we're dreaming of all the ways we can sightsee again! Hop aboard a journey through the most unique rail journeys you can take.

Travel by rail: Ride along these unique train experiences this summer

As COVID vaccines are being distributed around the world, people are beginning to dream about travel again. That said, some people are kinda reluctant to hop on a crowded airplane full of recycled air (germs) or those Petri dishes with tasty buffets known as cruise liners. 

But what about a train? You can open the windows, get off & on at your pleasure, and sightsee while you’re on board rather than just look at endless expanses of ocean or clouds forever. Plus, there’s something romantic about a train. From the Hogwarts Express to the train motif in Inception, trains just capture the imagination in a way that other modes of transportation don’t. 

So if you want a unique getaway without being packed like a sardine on a plane (unfortunately, some air travel may be required if you’re not local), why not give trains a chance? All aboard, as we travel on the Film Daily express through the most unique rail journeys we could find! 

Old Patagonian Express

If you find yourself in South America, you can find a unique train ride in Argentina. Even better: this rail journey will take you through Patagonia, one of Argentina’s most beautiful regions. 

Patagonia encompasses the southernmost tip of South America. This fairytale land boasts glaciers, mountains, lakes, rivers, and penguins. Yes, these Antarctica natives have colonies in Tierra Del Fuego where you can travel to see them in the wild. 

The Patagonian Express’s legacy is also up there with other famous railways like the Orient Express and the Trans-Siberian Railway. Although it was discontinued in 1993, locals proudly brought it back in 2006 after working tirelessly on it. The old rail cars are also restored beautifully, making any traveler feel like they’re adventurers in the 1920s. 

New Zealand

New Zealand boasts three rail journeys across its islands full of gorgeous mountain views, remote parks, and volcanic landscapes other people miss out on. 

New Zealand has three main rail journeys you can travel on. The Northern Explorer links Wellington & Auckland and goes by some beautiful volcanic landscapes on North Island. The Coastal rail journey will take you past the Kaikoura Mountains, and there are even whale watching stops along the way! Last but not least, TranzAlpine takes you along New Zealand’s Southern Alps. 

Unfortunately, New Zealand is currently closed to all tourists due to COVID, but as their commercials say, they hope to see the rest of the world really soon. 

Romney, Hythe, and Dymchurch

Is there anything more English than a rail journey? Romney, Hyde, and Dymchurch is a light railway out of Kent which doesn’t just offer travelers a scenic route by rail, they also offer an epic experience for any train enthusiast! 

Not only can you ride the trains, but you can also learn how to drive one in at least five package deals this rail company offers. They also boast one of the largest model railways in England. 

If you travel to the UK, or you live locally, be sure to check out these trains if you haven’t already. 

Amtrak’s Empire Builder

If you want to stay in the U.S., or want to travel to the good old USA, there are tons of rail journeys Amtrak offers, particularly across the American West. Amtrak’s Empire Builder takes travelers from Chicago to either Portland or Seattle. Along the way, they’re treated to beautiful sites, including expansive prairies and the majestic Rocky Mountains. 

Travelers on the Empire Builder will have the opportunity to see wild buffalo, stop by Glacier National Park, and see historic rail stations. No matter what train you travel on, Amtrak is also affordable with deals & promotions, and everyday discounts for kids, seniors, and students. 

White Pass and Yukon Route Railway

One of the most famous and exquisite rail journeys you can make, the White Pass and Yukon Route Railway is a historic & scenic travel experience you can’t miss out on. Built during the Klondike Gold Rush in the 1890s, this railway travels through the Northern Rockies and through Alaska’s expansive, breathtaking wilderness. 

The rail offers three different journeys, including an elevation summit that takes travelers up 3,000 feet in a small matter of miles, an eight-hour scenic journey past mountains, lakes, and gorges, and a train for hikers so they can end their rewarding journeys through the Alaskan wilderness with a scenic train ride. 

Have you traveled by rail? Would you want to travel by train? Let us know in the comments below! 

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