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Thinking of taking a break from the world of hustle and bustle? Here are some tips if you want to travel on a Tanzanian safari.

3 Travel Tips When Going on a Tanzanian Safari

Thinking of taking a break from the world of hustle and bustle? Well if you are, there is no better idea than going on an adventurous safari. You might have tons of options, however, none of it can be as worthy as Tanzanian Safari.

Tanzania is recognized as a true safari Paradise because of the Savannah landscape and the overwhelming amount of African animals. It is a forgiving place on planet earth where you can come alone, as a family, or as a newly wedded couple. 

However, whether you have been on a safari before or not, to have a lasting experience go fully prepared. Here are the three tips that would make the Tanzanian Safari safe and fun;

  • Pack everything that can be demanded
  • Carry enough cash
  • Avoid bringing camouflage clothes

Pack everything that can be demanded

Since Tanzania Safari is not a regular trip, you have to go fully prepared. Besides the clothes in neutral colours and a good camera with a battery, there are a lot of other things that you must carry. You must have a first-aid kit, sunscreen, Mileseey binoculars, swimming suit, water bottle, water purification tablets, hat, hand sanitiser, mess kit, backpack, and a pair of the most comfortable shoes. Other than that, you will be required to carry a few documents.

The documents you must at least carry are a Tanzanian visa, a valid passport, and covid-19 test results. There can be some other requirements as well. Hire a Tanzania safari tour company for ease. To be on the safe side, speak to the relevant authority and confirm what you are required to bring. Keep in mind that you are supposed not to overpack. Therefore, try carrying essentials. There would be limited space, and carrying a lot of luggage would be a burden.

Carry enough cash

It’s pretty obvious why you are supposed to bring cash. You would require cash for a lot of things: especially tipping. You might have to tip the kitchen staff, guides, drivers, and everyone else involved in making it a memorable adventure.

Avoid bringing camouflage clothes

Camouflage clothes look great however, unfortunately, you can not wear them to the Tanzanian safari. In most African countries, camouflage clothes are only for the Tanzania Defence Force; Military. Since Tanzania is a part of Africa, therefore, if you go on wearing such clothes, you end up arrested. You are supposed to bring lightweight clothes in neutral colours. 

Additionally, there will be a hot and very humid environment you have to prepare accordingly and you have to respect the animals to not get kicked out. 


If you have finally decided to go on a Tanzanian safari, you are required to prepare differently. You must carry cash, a first-aid kit, sunscreen, binoculars, a swimming suit, a water bottle, water purification tablets, a hat, a hand sanitiser, a mess kit, a backpack, and a pair of the most comfortable shoes, and clothes of lightweight neutral colours. Camouflage clothes should be avoided, otherwise, you will get arrested. 

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