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If you plan on going to the wonderful land of Sharjah, then here are some places that will make your trip more exciting.

Wonderful Places To Visit In Sharjah For An Unforgettable Vacay

Naturally, everyone plans a trip to have an experience of a lifetime and unforgettable moments. However, things can quickly go south in a foreign land if you are not fully aware of the entertaining spots to visit. In such cases, mostly the internet comes to the rescue. But sometimes, networks ditch you at the last moment. 

Therefore a slight study into the places the one should not neglect visiting would help you a lot. So, if you plan on going to the wonderful land of Sharjah, then here are some places that will make your trip more exciting.   

1. Visit The Historical Sharjah Fort

What’s a better way than starting your trip with the history of Sharjah itself. This is a fourth which was built around 200 years ago. Moreover, you can enjoy wondrous views from the top of the fort and embrace the soothing sea near it with your sight. Also, it is an excellent destination for family time. 

2. Embark Into The Journey Of Several Historical Periods At Mleiha Archeological Site

Meliha Archeological site has several artifacts but the tombs from the Bronze Age period steals the show every time. Although it also has artifacts from the paleolithic period and Pre-Islamic period, nothing can beat the creative tombs that are made of stones. Thus, to intrigue your interest in history as well as your child’s, you can visit this site.   

3. Witness The Undying Beauty Of Al Noor Island

Words can never justify the fairy-like land of Al Noor Island. If you visit Sharjah, then you can not skip visiting this one as it has so many mystical things to witness. For starters, it has a butterfly house that has more than 500 butterflies of more than 200 species. Also, there are several activities for kids, so your kid will also have a good time along with you.  

4. Have An Entertaining Evening With Your Kids At Al Qasba

Al Qasba is a hub of various entertaining centres for kids as well as for adults. So you can enjoy yourself with your kids at the kids’ zone and then dine in the finest restaurants of Sharjah. 

Al Qasba is generally suitable for the arrival day as it has a relaxing environment and things. Therefore, it is exceptional for a day or two visits in the town. 

5. Witness The Astonishing Artifacts At Sharjah Art Museum

Sharjah really has a lot to offer; you just need to embrace the environment and be welcoming towards it. Moreover, the historical artifacts of a place give you a clear insight into its history. Therefore, if you don’t want to regret missing such a sight, then you should definitely visit it.  

6. Kids Will Enjoy The Sight Of Sharjah Desert Park

Sharjah Desert Park gives you a brief tour of the wildlife of Sharjah. The Arabia Wildlife Center has animals like Arabian leopards, Arabian oryx and reptiles. 

Moreover, for children who like to get closer to some animals, there is a children’s farm separately for them. Also, there is an Islamic Botanical Garden which has 52 species of plants, all of which are mentioned in the holy book of the Quran. 

7. Explore The Central Market

Shopping is an essential part of any trip. Thus, exploring this 1970’s market should certainly be on your list. Especially if your sweetheart is fond of new things and likes to take souvenirs from the places they visit. Also, there are around 600 shops all around the market which have items like gold jewellery, perfume, food, electronics and clothing.  


Sharjah is certainly a package that has it all. You can enjoy activities with your kids, and at the same time, you can also go on an educational journey. 

Therefore, you can have the best of everything as your kid collects much valuable knowledge. So, if you want to have an unforgettable experience, then do not miss out on all the places that are mentioned in the list above.

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