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Why are there so many violent outbursts on NYC Transit lately?

It’s been an extremely violent week for passengers on the NYC Transit – a handful of subway slashings & shovings have caused a major upset in the city. 

According to Fox News, a retired transit supervisor confessed: “I don’t ever remember it being this bad. . . But I am not surprised considering the city is running amok and the politicians just keep putting their heads further in the sand or, in this case, the hole.”

The transit supervisor further explained: “The city (NYC) is full of homeless and mentally ill people, but the city keeps throwing good money after bad but not helping or solving problems”. 

Incident report

The New York Post reported that over the past week a NYC Transit bus driver & passengers have been severely injured. The NYC Transit boss Sarah Feinberg has notified the public that she’ll ask Mayor Bill de Blasio if social workers could be dispatched to 311 calls for subway incidents. 

Sarah Feinberg stated: “There is no doubt the city can better serve the vulnerable homeless and mentally ill population by connecting them with trained professionals, instead of forcing bystanders to call 911, which inevitably results in repetitive police action.”

Sarah Feinberg added: “The individuals are rejected from the system only to return the moment police leave”. 

Rise or fall?

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) claimed there’s been a drop in felonies but also a major increase in burglaries & robberies across NYC. The MTA’s statistics stated that, though there’s been a pandemic, the amount of murders have only doubled since 2019. 

According to the New York Post the MTA claimed they’ve seen a sixty-two percent dip in the NYC transit. 

Mayor Bill de Blasio stated that NYC gained “a perfect storm” last year as NYC’s Transit system was much safer than previous years. 

However, during the first week of February the NYC Transit was hit with multiple acts of violence. In fact, according to the New York Post, a total of fifty-eight transit workers were physically attacked between July & December 2020. 

Bus driver

On Tuesday morning, an MTA bus driver was found with a giant injury to the head after a passenger reportedly “smashed him with a 2-by-4” in Brooklyn. As noted by the New York Post, the passenger got on the MTA bus in Brownsville at approximately ten o’clock in the morning. 

The suspect allegedly got into an argument with the bus driver which led to the passenger spitting on the driver. According to sources, after the bus driver chased the passenger off the bus, they suddenly turned & struck the driver with a wooden stick. 

Per the New York Post, the MTA bus driver was immediately taken to Kings County Hospital for his injury to the head. 

A MTA spokesperson Tim Minton stated: “It’s reprehensible and unacceptable that anyone would attack a bus operator, one of the many heroes of this pandemic. We are cooperating with the NYPD investigation, and thoughts are with our colleague for a speedy recovery.” 

Subway shoves & slashings

A total of five attacks have been reported over the past week, and according to The Daily Mail, the latest subway victim Galeas was taken to St. Barnabas Hospital after she was violently shoved onto the subway elevated tracks at 174th Street.

Galeas explained to the New York Post: “She didn’t say anything. She just pushed me. . . I always walk away, but this person was a young woman and, I don’t know, she pushed me with such force. The second time, I fell.”

Another victim was severely injured on Saturday morning while traveling to work. A thirty-year-old Brooklyn passenger was reportedly stabbed in the face on the J train at the Kosciuszko station at approximately eight-thirty in the morning.

On Sunday a twenty-eight-year-old man was travelling on the NYC Transit and was later found with a giant slash to the face. Fox News added that the victim had an argument with a man at the West 4th Street-Washington Square station in Manhattan. 

On Wednesday a twenty-two-year-old victim was attacked and slashed in the face after they told a passenger to turn down their music on a 6 train at the Grand Central Terminal. While a sixty-one-year-old was also badly slashed when arguing with a passenger on an L train at 14th Street. 

What do you think about the incidents at the NYC Transit? Let us know in the comments below. 

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