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Have you always dreamt of visiting NYC but aren’t sure what to do once you get there? Here are the best attractions you must visit.

8 Must-Do Attractions in NYC

Have you always dreamt of visiting NYC but aren’t sure what to do once you get there? Sure, you can sightsee at the Statue of liberty or catch a show on Broadway, but there are lots of other unique experiences to try out. NYC has much more to offer than its famous attractions and you could easily spend a week and still not experience it all. Keep reading to discover a few lesser well-known – but amazing – attractions to fill your trip with fun. 

The High Line

A must-experience pit stop in NYC is The High Line, a freight rail line transformed into a gorgeous, raised public walking park. While strolling through the park, you can enjoy flourishing horticulture, beautiful art, unique food vendors, and a breathtaking view of the Hudson River and New York City Skyline. The High Line is owned by the City of New York but is overseen in operation and maintenance by the Friends of the High Line. This is the place to go when you’re looking to feel like a local for the day. 

The Standard Hotel

Do you love all things retro? The Standard Hotel offers an evening of youthful bliss with its nostalgic bumper cars and tasty food menu. You can ride glow-in-the-dark bumper cars for approximately 10 minutes at a time and grab slices of pizza. With your meal, allow the 1980’s inspired staff to pour you a drink, alcoholic or non-alcoholic. What’s great about this venue is that anyone seven years old and up can enjoy riding the bumper cars. 


Similarly to The Standard Hotel, Edge is also designed to inspire you with feelings of nostalgia. As the tallest outdoor sky deck to exist in the Western Hemisphere, Edge is 1,024 square feet tall and is eco-friendly. After enjoying a 30-minute skating session – yes you can skate there too – you can climb 1,200 feet up on the outside of the tallest external climbing building in existence. Talk about opportunity! 


Enjoy this hour-long experiential art attraction that begins with a 22-minute film focused  on Viva Magenta, using immersive panorama projections and audio systems. This attraction can be found underneath the Chelsea Market,  within a 100-year-old boiler room. Adding to the experience are interactive displays that you can navigate,. Once you are done, head over to the bar to grab a magenta-colored drink from their extensive list of cocktails. For only $25, you can snag your ticket to the magentaverse. 


On 5th avenue you can find this whimsical bookstore that invites you to read under the stars. The ceiling is filled with elegant stars that resemble the iconic Starry Night painted by the brilliant Van Gogh. Entering this bookstore will feel far more like entering a royal residence than a retail shop with its white marble atrium, impressive statues, and beautifully sculpted column work. This is a place where you can find yourself mesmerized, and enjoying the atmosphere for hours. 

Lexington Candy Shop

If you are looking for something to satisfy that sweet tooth and you can appreciate vintage, take a trip to the Lexington Candy Shop. This location was opened in 1925 and serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, along with plenty of delicious sweets. Sitting in this shop will transport you back in time, as you get comfortable on their vinyl green bar stools and admire the celebrity photos hung on the walls. 

Cupcake Tour

Speaking of sweet treats, taking a cupcake tour in Greenwich Village is the perfect way to break the rules and enjoy dessert before dinner. Here, you can sample many different varieties of cupcakes until you find yourself loosening your belt. 

The Comedy Cellar

There’s nothing like sitting down to enjoy a comedian’s special on TV. Wait, yes there is! At The Comedy Cellar, you can enjoy  famous comedians such as Dave Chapelle, Kevin Hart, and Amy Schumer. To confirm a seat at this belly-busting location, you should schedule reservations in advance. If you’re brave enough, though, some locals have claimed that it is possible to get tickets at the door. 

Keep in mind that to enter The Comedy Cellar, there is a two-drink minimum and a three-drink maximum. Drinks aren’t cheap in NYC! Once you have finished the show, you can try to spot some of the comics relaxing at The Olive Tree, a restaurant that is directly above The Comedy Cellar. 

If these restaurants and attractions aren’t enough for you, there are also fun cruises you can take.  Using a service such as New York cruise port transportation means you’ll get to the port safely and on time to enjoy a relaxing cruise – whether it’s for the afternoon or a full-on vacation away.  

NYC is known for its vibrancy and constant motion. It’s also known as the city that never sleeps and comes by that name honestly. Go ahead and book run-of-the-mill activities, but be sure to include some of these quirky finds in your trip. 

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