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So, why should you take advantage of Cyprus citizenship by investment program? All the reasons why moving to Cyprus could be a great choice.

Why Moving to Cyprus Makes Perfect Sense

Sunny climate, great Mediterranean coastline, and gorgeous beaches rank high on the list of a family that considers moving to a new country. And while options are innumerable, Cyprus stands heads and shoulders above the rest. But as you know, there are far more important things than just a perfect climate and stunning beaches. Cyprus is the best destination for expats, and it offers a diverse array of advantages to foreigners. So, why should you take advantage of Cyprus citizenship by investment program? Fortunately, you can now take advantage of the Cyprus citizenship by investment program to become a citizen of the country. Invest Citizenship is a top consultant that will stand by you to make sure you realize your dream. Keep reading to learn more. 

Having English as a Primary Language

Settling in a foreign country can be tough. You have to contend with a new language, culture, and even food. The good news is that language isn’t a problem in Cyprus as English is spoken in nearly all places. Whether it is markets, hospitals, clinics, schools, or local residences, the language barrier won’t be a problem. 

The country was once a colony of Britain and many locals are fluent speakers of English. Interacting and communicating with people in clubs, hotels, and bars won’t be a problem. You can even make a few friends, to begin with. 

High quality of education

You don’t have to worry about education standards in Cyprus because the country has one of the best systems in the whole of Europe. And once your Cyprus citizenship by investment application is accepted, you can enjoy free education in state schools. This applies to all children between the ages of five and 18. 

Lessons are taught in Greek and there are extra lessons to teach your child Greek. But if you can afford it, international schools are offering better education. The country also has several high-quality colleges and universities around the country. 

Affordable Cost of Living 

Generally speaking, the cost of living in Cyprus is low. Most basic commodities and goods are priced fairly. And since the country is agriculturally based, the cost of groceries is cheaper here compared to Northern Europe. 

The cost of electricity, water, and alcohol is comparatively cheaper here. Also, seasonal fruits go for way less. Even milk products, electronics, internet access, and clothes are competitively priced. 

Data show that Cyprus has a 25% lower cost of living index compared to the European average. Expats enjoy far greater purchasing power with the money that they earn abroad. It also explains why the country is home to over 100,000 foreigners that include entrepreneurs, retirees, expats, digital nomads, and business owners. Considering that the country’s population is 1.2m, this is an incredibly good number of foreigners. 

The majority of expats come from the EU countries but many more also come from China, the Philippines, and Russia. They will be found living mainly in the capital city which is Nicosia, although cities like Paphos, Famagusta, Limassol, and Larnaca also play host to thousands of expats. Dwellers of the capital Nicosia are at a greater advantage since it has everything you want in a city. Whether it is nightlife, world-class hotels, or medical facilities, you won’t lack a thing. As for those looking to get Cyprus passports through the Cyprus citizenship by investment program, you won’t run out of homes to buy in Limassol and other big cities. 

Enjoying Picturesque Beaches

Since the island is located on the Mediterranean Sea, the first thing that comes to mind is its crystal clear waters on miles of sandy beaches. You couldn’t have been more right. 

Migrating to Cyprus allows you to see all this every day. You will wake up to salty water and immaculate beaches every day, something people only see once in a while. A Cyprus passport gives you free access to beautiful scenery every day.  

Work Opportunities are Plentiful

The country’s favorable tax policies towards foreigners have made it an investment hub for many companies. Many companies have moved to Cyprus and opened branches here, creating thousands of job opportunities. 

And since the COVID scare in 2019, many companies are embracing working from home. The fact you can work from the comfort of your home lessens the problems of relocation. You won’t have to navigate the transport system every day to get to work as you can do so from the comfort of your home.  

Perfect Climate

Cyprus has plenty of sunshine all year round. Cypriots enjoy 300-340 days of sunshine, allowing them to bask in it any time they want. Temperatures are also largely tolerable. The lowest temperature recorded in wintry months is 50 degrees Fahrenheit. This shoots in the summer, where it is not uncommon to experience temperatures of 91 degrees Fahrenheit. Rainfall is dependent on the region of the country you live in. but in general, the rain falls mainly from October to April. 

High-Quality Healthcare

The country has a very robust healthcare system. Although free to citizens, the healthcare standards here remain quite high. And with more funding from the government, the country now has high-quality and specialized medical facilities that offer complicated services with qualified doctors and other medical al personnel.

The island also has several high-end private hospitals that cater to the stinking rich. The country is slowly becoming a common medical tourism destination due to its excellent healthcare system and affordable price. This is because it allows foreigners to access world-class medical care without paying a fortune. 

Thinking of moving to Cyprus? Invest Citizenship Can Help!

Invest Citizenship is a team of immigration experts and lawyers that specialize in helping business people move to Cyprus as easily as possible. They will help you put out your case in front of the immigration officials and make sure you realize your dream of moving to Cyprus. Invest Citizenship are also specialists in Cyprus Citizenship by Investment, and will advise you to make sure your application is accepted. 

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