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Opportunities to live anywhere in the world are endless. Check out these global careers that allow you to move around the world with ease!

Career Opportunities That Let You Live Anywhere

The majority of jobs used to be location-specific, but that’s no longer the case. More careers are giving workers a chance to live anywhere. What’s more, a growing number of folks in the workforce are asking themselves if they want to be stuck to a location because of their jobs. If you’re one of those folks who want to live anywhere, you can consider the following career opportunities.

Cruise Line Worker

Some folks want a traveling job. If this is you, you can consider a career on a cruise ship. The thing is that cruises offer so many opportunities that there’s no way of narrowing it down. For example, if you are a musician or magician, you might find work on a cruise ship. Technicians can also get a job on a cruise ship. If you are a chef, several cruise companies want you, too.

TESOL Teacher

People may want to travel to various locations and work somewhere. If this is you, you need a job in high demand because it means you can go anywhere in the world and find a job. You can make a home there as long as you want until that itch to travel hits you again. The demand for teachers with TESOL degrees is high in almost every major U.S. city. 

Those who love teaching and want to help others learn English will find this job quite rewarding, mainly because it’s in high demand and highly specialized. Keep in mind that your career is in demand not only in the U.S. but in many other places around the world; just find out about opportunities before you travel to a country.

International Aid Worker

Sometimes, a job gives you a chance to travel anywhere you want but doesn’t fulfill your heart’s desire to help. The good thing is you can fulfill this dream if you join the international aid worker industry. You can be a doctor, nurse, agricultural expert, or have a background in international relations. 

Keep in mind that your English teaching career is in demand not only in the U.S. but in many other places around the world; just find out about TESOL opportunities before you travel to a country. The region might be dealing with famine or a natural disaster. Getting involved in an organization that wants to make a difference will satisfy that need to help and give you a chance to see the world.


As a pilot, you don’t only get to travel somewhere for a living, but you get to do it numerous times throughout your career. You can explore a bit as pilots get a few hours, days, or even weeks with layovers and can cater bids to their needs. There are airlines all over the world, too. If you want to live somewhere else, you may find a foreign airline willing to work with you. 

You will need to convert your license, though. Another bonus is most airlines give you perks, like discounted personal flights or sometimes even free flights. You even get to share some of these perks with close family members.


People who don’t travel much sometimes want to see the world. The only way these folks can do this is by relying on photographers to capture the beauty of the world through their lens. If you’ve got an eye for photography and can earn your degree, then you might find a job that allows you to travel to capture all sorts of images throughout the world. 

Yes, some photographers capture nature’s wonders on camera, but other photographers are sent around the world to capture life in general or maybe a historic event somewhere. This job could be quite fulfilling and exciting. Plus, if you do things right, you’ll be able to leave a bit of yourself for future generations through your pictures.

These are some types of career opportunities that’ll help give you a chance to live wherever you want. Everyone deserves the chance to do something that’s fulfilling but also allows you to get paid, and that’s all you’re seeking.

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