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When Your Camera Specialist Can Do It All

Do you have a passion you’ve never quite been able to let go of? Would you overhaul your entire career to start from scratch in order to do what you truly love? Ferid Hasbun is living proof that chasing down your dreams will pay off in the long run.

Hasbun knew as a child he had a fascination with cameras. Fast forward to his adult life; Hasbun was working full-time in business administration in Switzerland. Not being able to shake his passion for photography, videography, and camera work in general, Hasbun decided to move to the United States. Enrolling in New York Film School, Hasbun moved to Los Angeles and worked his way through school, not being a stranger to sacrifice. He was able to do interactive videography, learning his craft and fine-tuning it due to the help of his superiors and veterans in the industry. He continued to grow his connections with surrounding agencies and build his network. 

Hasbun recognized his love for creating visuals; Jim Carey and The Mask being his original inspiration. “I see the beauty of the world.. My visuals are focused on beauty. Mostly what I do in fashion is an appreciation of beauty.” With this passion recognized, after graduating from film school in 2015, Hasbun began his career as a camera specialist. “I work in the camera department. Which means I’ve done filmwork, focus puller, second camera assistant, camera operator, director of photography for commercials.” He has been published worldwide in magazines such as Elle, Louis Vuitton, and Grazia. He hopes to continue to work for well-known brands, bringing his unique talent for cinematography to the table. 

Hasbun has officially launched his new business in the photography and cinematography industry, Songbird Media, with an emphasis on fashion and beauty. His images capture the beauty of the human form, representing features enhanced and highlighted through the eyes of Hasbun. 

Because of his background as a businessman, Hasbun’s Songbird Media has a leg up on the competition. “I come from business, I’m not just an artist. My communication is spot on.” Hasbun shares that the way he conducts his business is professional, organized, and he is always quick to reply. He surges ahead with efficiency and dedication of a businessman, but the creativity and talent of an artist. This makes Hasbun a unique asset. How many cinematographers do you know that can do it all and still manage to produce a beautiful product for human enjoyment and appreciation? His talent sets him apart; working with him will provide the full package. 

Hasbun’s ability to see the beauty in the world is a highly sought after trait in an artist, and his work is multi-faceted and satisfying to the eye. Hasbun continues to persevere as a professional who can do it all. His art represents his passion and eye for detail. Check out his work on his website;, as well as his Instagram.

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